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7 Things Your Sweat Says About Your Health!

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Do you feel that you have been sweating more than usual, lately, even without engaging in any strenuous activities? If yes, then there may be a few causes for your sweating that could be dangerous!

Yes, our body gives us warning signs of certain ailments in the form of various symptoms such as fatigue, sweating, aches, infections, etc.

Now, there are hundreds of disorders and ailments that affect human beings, so how can we be certain that a particular symptom is a sign of one specific disorder?

It can be quite confusing, as many disorders come with similar symptoms, so it is important to gain knowledge about symptoms and their common causes.

It is quite normal to sweat on a daily basis, especially if you are involved in some strenuous physical activity or if the weather is hot.

However, excess sweating can be a sign ofconcern, as it might be a symptom of certain serious underlying disorders.

So, here is list of potential causes for excess sweating that could be signs of certain ailments, have a look!


1. Stress

One of the causes for excess sweating can be stress, although many people do not realiseit. When we are stressed, the apocrine glands release excess sweat!


2. Heat Stroke

Another cause for excess sweating can be heat stroke. If you are at the risk of a heat stroke, you may breakout in sweat at an abnormal rate.


3. Low Blood Sugar

Excess sweating can also be a symptom of disorders like low blood sugar, in which the body's blood sugar level drops below 70 mg. It can be coupled with other symptoms like dizziness and nausea.


4. Hyperhidrosis

Another cause for excess sweating could be hyperhidrosis, a condition in which the sweat glands produce abnormal amounts of sweat, triggered by certain neurons.


5. Lymphoma

Yet another cause of excess sweating could be lymphoma, or the cancer that affects the lymph glands, weakening the immune system.


6. Hypertension

If you are suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure, it could also be a cause for profuse sweating, as your body is under duress due to the high blood pressure.


7. Heart Diseases

One of the main causes for excess sweating can be heart disorders. As the heart uses a lot of energy to pump blood when it is weak, your body releases excess sweat.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 13, 2016, 12:03 [IST]
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