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    Can Hot Milk With Haldi & Pepper Actually Treat Cough?

    From times immemorial, one of the most popular home remedies for cough and cold has been warm milk with haldi and pepper. However, the real question is, does it actually work?

    Many a times, certain home remedies for disorders make us question whether they are just one of those numerous myths that exist everywhere, or if they actually do what they say, right?

    Most of us would have tried home remedies for certain ailments and disorders that would not have worked well for us, discouraging us from trying other natural remedies!

    natural remedy for cough

    However, we know that a lot of people do swear by certain home remedies to help them get healthier, claiming that these remedies have worked extremely well for them.

    So, this whole thing can prove to be very confusing, unless we get some kind of validation from a trusted source.

    Now, many of us may have heard of the famous hot milk with haldi and pepper remedy that is known to treat cough and common cold effectively.

    However, does this home remedy actually work? Let us find out!

    natural remedy for cough

    How To Prepare And Use The Remedy

    This natural remedy for cough and cold involves adding ½ a teaspoon of black pepper powder and 2 teaspoons of turmeric to 1 cup of hot milk, stirring it well to form a mixture and then consuming it, at least twice in a day.

    How The Home Remedy Works

    The mixture of hot milk, pepper powder and haldi (turmeric) has the ability to soothe your throat and reduce symptoms like cough and cold effectively, according to many research studies.

    natural remedy for cough

    The hot milk scrapes away the phlegm present in your throat, thus reducing cough and sore throat and giving a good relief from the irritation associated with it.

    Both haldi and turmeric come with exceptional antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can kill the infection-causing bacteria, thus treating common cold and cough effectively.

    So, the next time you develop a cold or a cough, you can safely use the hot milk with haldi and pepper remedy, without any doubt!

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