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8 Better Ways To Detoxify

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When unexplained fatigue or allergies appear, you tend to blame various other factors but may not realise that it is the accumulation of toxins in your system.

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Yes, toxins can also make you feel tired, cause infections, hit your immunity, spoil your sleep, cause menstrual issues, bloating, puffy eyes and even confusion.

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And then, most of us think that detoxification needs a lengthy procedure, lots of juices and enough of salads. Though that's true, there are other simple ways to detox and here are they...


Tip #1

Exercise is the best way to eliminate toxins. Simply do jumping jacks regularly to help your body detoxify. Choose any exercise of your choice but be regular.


Tip #2

Take a hot shower. Let the water from the nozzle hit your back with force. Do the same with cold water. And then rest on bed and sleep.


Tip #3

Beat stress and enjoy positive emotions like love. It is the best way to stay healthy.


Tip #4

Drink water on regular intervals as it is the best way to flush out toxins. You will need nothing else to detoxify your body if you drink water properly.


Tip #5

Do breathing exercises which allow more oxygen into your system. This helps your body a lot.


Tip #6

Drink green tea, dandelion tea and burdock tea regularly to cleanse your liver.


Tip #7

Drink lemon water every morning. The vitamin C in it can easily cleanse toxins.


Tip #8

Get enough fiber by eating vegetables like beets, cabbage, broccoli etc.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 7, 2016, 6:03 [IST]
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