Healthy Ways To Break Your Karwa Chauth Fast

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Karva Chauth is here! Have you prepared to celebrate it? Hopefully, you are ready with new dresses, cosmetics and jewelleries. Also, hopefully your preparation for the Parvati Puja is also done.

Karva Chauth is an occasion which you celebrate with and for your dearest husband. It is definitely a difficult fast, but when you do it for your hubby, you do it with lots of love.

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On the day of Karva Chauth, you get 'sargi' from your mother-in-law where the earthen pot is filled with dry fruits, sweets, fried potatoes, etc.

You have to consume it at dawn and prepare yourself for the long fasting day. Your diet should have enough water and fruits, so that you remain hydrated and energetic for the whole day.

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You have to wait for the moon to come out and then perform the puja. Finally, you break fast by having water and a morsel of food from your husband.

After you have fasted for the complete day, there are certain foods you must avoid. You should not have something which is acidic or oily in nature. So, here are the foods you could take instead to break your fast in a healthy way.

how to break karwa chauth fast

1. Have Protein-rich Food: Your body has been deprived long from any food items. You need protein to boost up your health. Milk or milk-based sweets can help you there. You can consume oats porridge or soy milk as well.

how to break karwa chauth fast

2. Liquids: You definitely feel weak after long hours of fasting. To get hydrated, you should have enough water. But, don't have it all together, otherwise you may feel bloated. Have water at regular gaps. You can also have homemade fruit juices or fruit smoothies to get the right balance of water in your body.

how to break karwa chauth fast

3. Fruits: It will be better not to have fruits on an empty stomach if you have an acidity problem. Else, you can have a bowl of fruit salad with some yogurt. Yogurt contains calcium and protein, which are necessary to be had after a fast.

how to break karwa chauth fast

4. Sweets: You need glucose to boost up your energy. After the puja and breaking the fast, you definitely have a house party to enjoy. If you consume sweets and dry fruits, your energy level will certainly boost.

how to break karwa chauth fast

5. Nuts: If you want to avoid sweets while you are on a diet, have a handful of nuts instead. Make a combo with almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews and raisins and have them. These are perfect energy boosters. You can include a few dates, but not more than 2 or 3.

how to break karwa chauth fast

6. Oily Foods: Avoid oily foods after long hours of fasting, as they can cause acidity and heartburn. Go for the above-mentioned foods instead and try to avoid any fried items. You can go for shallow-fried foods instead.

If you are pregnant or have serious physical problems like high blood pressure or high blood sugar, then you should reconsider your decision on keeping a fast. The best way is to talk to your doctor first and see if he/she permits you to observe the fast.

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