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Why Drink Coconut Water In The Morning?

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Coconut water has detoxifying properties and many medicinal properties. What would be the best time to drink it if not in the morning?

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It refreshes you, energises you, boosts your immunity, protects you from certain diseases and also helps in weight loss.
Also, when you drink coconut water in the morning, it can harmonise the electrolytes and keep your body functioning well.

Those of you who are body builders can try things differently. Add some egg white to coconut water and mix it well in a blender. You can enjoy the protein power of egg whites and also the medicinal properties of coconut water!

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Now, let us discuss the benefits of coconut water.



It is good for the regulation of thyroid hormones in your body.


Good For The Kidneys

Coconut water is good for your kidneys as it is a diuretic. It cleanses the urinary tract and also prevents kidney stones.


Strengthens Immunity

It strengthens your immune system. It also also prevents urinary tract infections, flu and even gum diseases.


Good For Digestion

It can boost your digestive action and also normalises stomach acids.


Helps Lose Weight

As it is low in calories and contains no fat, you can drink it without worrying about accumulating fat. Also, when you drink it more, you feel full and tend to eat less. This helps in losing weight.


Cures Fatigue

If fatigue has become a chronic problem, try drinking 60 ml of coconut water on a daily basis and see the difference.


Hydrates Your Skin

Yes, coconut water does wonders to your skin too. It keeps you hydrated and keeps the skin healthy.


Drink It Post Workout

Add some egg whites to coconut water and drink it after intense workouts. It energises you and also provides protein to your body.


Cures Hangover Headache

Drink some coconut water in the morning after a late night party. You may feel relieved from the headache that's a result of hangover.

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Story first published: Friday, February 19, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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