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Why Rest Is As Important As Exercise

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All fitness freaks and body builders aim high and workout intensely which is a very good thing. But what about rest? Do you know why rest days are important?

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Well, without resting your body, you may not be able to bring out its true potential. If you have the aim to grow your muscle mass or even strength or endurance, you might need to know the importance of rest.

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Exercise without rest days in between may only prove counter productive to your fitness goals. Both workout and rest should go hand in hand. Without intense lifting, your muscles cannot be challenged to grow and without resting periods, your muscles will never be able to grow.

Now, let us discuss why rest plays an important role in your overall fitness routine.


Your Muscles Grow And Repair

Human growth Hormone gets released during peaceful sleep. Also, your muscles grow and heal themselves only during the rest days. All growth happens not when you are in the gym but when you are taking rest.


You Become Stronger

Your strength increases when you give adequate rest to your body. Your body needs to repair the broken muscles tissues and heal itself. This happens during the rest days. And yes, this gives you more strength.


Minimises The Scope Of Injury

when you overdo your workouts, you tend to injure yourself at some point. But rest days prevent such incidents.


Rest Doesn't Mess Up Your Gains

If you are thinking that your body will lose the shape and size if you take a day off then you're mistaken. It nearly takes a week or two of inactivity for you to lose the workout results.


Over Training Spoils Your Sleep

If you train without taking rest, you may not be able to sleep well as your body tends to be more restless. and when your sleep loses its quality, your gains may go for a toss.


Your Immunity Loses Its Power

When you over train without rest, your immune system may not be able to repair your system well. And this shows up in your next workout session.


Prevents Burnout

Rest days can heal your system and prevent burnouts. They help your body gather resilience to take the next workout and its intensity.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 18, 2016, 6:00 [IST]
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