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7 Signs That You Have Parasites In Your Body

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Parasites are tiny micro-organisms that live inside of us. Some are harmless, while some can be extremely dangerous. These organisms could cause diseases to a person having them.

The kind of parasites that are harmful can thrive in a person's body for years, without making their presence known. They act like a slow poison, gradually affecting the body from the inside.

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The list of things that can cause such parasites is endless. But the main reason why they are considered to be dangerous is because they feed on the cells and tissues of the human body and they can cause life-threatening infections.

One of the common misconception surrounding the parasitic infections is that it only affects people who live in poor sanitary conditions.

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But, a recent study has defied that notion, as parasitic infections are far more common than they are usually deemed to be. They could affect a whole lot of people who follow inappropriate eating habits.

In this article, we at Boldsky are letting you know about the 7 most common signs that indicate the presence of harmful parasites in your body, take a look.


1. Gas And Bloating:

One of the most common signs of a parasitic presence in the body is excessive gas or stomach bloating. Presence of parasites makes it hard for the nutrients to get absorbed, thus, making food extremely hard to be digested. Intestinal parasites are usually responsible for these kind of digestive problems.


2. Insomnia:

Parasites are also known to affect the nervous system, which can gravely cause sleep disorders like insomnia. Either you're unable to sleep at night or you keep waking up, it could all be because of the parasites living inside you.


3. Constipation Or Diarrhoea:

Generally, parasites are known to attack the intestines that cause the digestive system to malfunction. It disrupts the normal bowel movement, which can lead to constipation or, in other extreme cases, diarrhoea.


4. Skin Problem:

Some parasites can cause significant skin problems in a person's body. Skin problems like skin rashes, eczema, hives, etc, can be caused because of the presence of harmful parasites in the body.


5. Teeth Grinding:

Parasites usually release harmful toxins in a body at night, which in turn causes anxiety and makes a person grind his/her teeth. This is one of the most commonly ignored symptoms of the presence of parasites.


6. Body Ache:

Parasites are not stationary creatures, they tend to move from one place to the other. At times, they might migrate to the joints and cause body ache.


7. Fatigue:

Another sign of the presence of harmful parasites is chronic fatigue. They steal the body off the vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which otherwise make a person feel energetic. Signs like acute exhaustion and chronic fatigue should not be taken lightly.

If you've been suffering from any of the above-mentioned issues, you must check with a health care professional. As these signs could be an indication of a bigger underlying cause.

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