7 Must Know Facts About Multiple Sclerosis

By: Somya Ojha

Millions of people worldwide are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic disabling disease of the central nervous system. This disease affects the functionality of your brain and spinal cord. Here we list certain must know facts on multiple sclerosis (MS), have a look.

Though the symptoms of this disease may vary from person to person, there are certain symptoms like double vision, weakness in muscles, etc, which are far too common than the other ones.

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As per the experts, most of the symptoms of this disease come and go; and that is what makes it hard to diagnose. But early detection can play a key role in treating this disabling disease.

Similarly, there are several other facts about Multiple Sclerosis that one must know. So, today, we've curated a definitive list of 7 must know facts about Multiple Sclerosis.

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In-depth information about these facts will help change the outlook towards this disease. In addition, since there is no definite cure for it, knowledge about these facts can play a huge role in its detection and, as mentioned earlier, early detection can help an individual fight off the harrowing symptoms more efficiently.

Take a look at these must know facts, here.

Facts about multiple sclerosis

1. Symptoms May Vary
The symptoms of multiple sclerosis may vary from person to person. Different people experience different symptoms and for different durations. And as this disease affects the functionality of several organs, a patient might experience a wide array of health issues.

Facts about multiple sclerosis

2. A Chronic Disease
Multiple sclerosis is a disabling disease of the central nervous system that may persist for a long period of time. In fact, few people have experienced the unpleasant symptoms come and go from time to time.

Facts about multiple sclerosis

3. Difficult To Diagnose
Experts find it extremely hard to diagnose this disabling disease because its symptoms are so unpredictable and irregular. As of now, there is no specific single test for this disease, but a series of tests might help in diagnosing it.

Facts about multiple sclerosis

4. It Can Be Treated
The good news is this disease is a treatable one, but, unfortunately there is no cure available at this point of time. But thankfully, the treatments available are known to significantly improve the quality of life of the people suffering from this disease. This mainly depends on the severity of this disabling disease.

Facts about multiple sclerosis

5. More Than One Type
Mainly there are four different types of multiple sclerosis. The most common one from the lot is relapsing-remitting MS. As per a few studies, close to 80% of people suffering from MS are suffering from this particular type.

Facts about multiple sclerosis

6. Multiple Factors Can Trigger MS
This disease can affect anyone who falls within the age bracket of 15-60. And several factors like genes, climate, etc., are known to trigger MS. Also, people suffering from diabetes and thyroid disease could be at a higher risk of developing any particular type of MS.

Facts about multiple sclerosis

7. Link Between Vitamin D And MS
Several findings in this field have established a strong link between vitamin D and MS. Few experts believe that vitamin D can plays a role in preventing a disabling disease like MS. In fact, it might even play a key role in treating this disease.

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