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3 Most Useful Tips To Prevent Yeast Infection

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Yeast infection is highly common among women all over the world. There are various factors that can cause this infection.

Though yeast is a kind of a harmless fungi that lives in the vagina, when this harmless creature grows in number, it can cause a great deal of discomfort, pain and itchiness.

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The symptoms of this infection are highly annoying. Few women experience a burning sensation, itchiness, etc, while others might experience redness in the "down-there".

The experts haven't been able to pinpoint to the exact factor that causes this infection. As per studies, a few issues combined can lead to an increase in the number of yeast growth in the vagina.

Most useful tips to prevent yeast infection

This infection is recurring in nature and it often comes back even after being treated previously.

But, fortunately, this is the kind of an infection that can be greatly prevented by following a few tips.

So, today at Boldsky, we have compiled a list of 3 of the most useful tips to prevent yeast infection.

Take a look at these tips and keep this annoying and painful infection at bay.

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1. Consume Probiotics:

Most useful tips to prevent yeast infection

Food items like yogurt are great natural sources of probiotics. Probiotics play a critical role in preventing yeast infection. So, consume yogurt on a regular basis to prevent those harmful bacteria and yeast from causing an infection.

2. Maintain A Proper Hygiene:

Most useful tips to prevent yeast infection

Proper hygiene is important to keep infections at bay. Using the right kind of feminine products is also highly important. Also, one must follow a few basic rules like wiping from front to back to keep the infection-causing micro-organisms away.

3. Wear Cotton Underwear:

Most useful tips to prevent yeast infection

Health specialists often suggest women to opt for a cotton underwear, as it allows air to flow from it and promotes circulation of air in the area. Extremely tight-fitting undergarments made from nylon or other such type of materials should be avoided to prevent such infections.

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