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Top 10 Food Items That Make Your Breakfast Perfect

By: Shubham Ghosh

Breakfast is the most important food that we have in the day, as it provides the first fuel to our body after the overnight starvation. So, by skipping or delaying breakfast, you are depriving your body of the essential nutrients and you will eventually make it up by overeating in the later part of the day, which is equally bad.

Also, not choosing the right food for breakfast is an equally bad thing to do. Taking the right nutrients will give you the energy and satisfy your appetite properly and help you in doing the busy rounds smoothly throughout the day.

A perfect breakfast should include good carbohydrates and fibre with protein.
Here are some good breakfast items that you can opt for, have a look:



Oats contain beta-glucan - a fibre which helps lower cholesterol if eaten regularly. They are also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, potassium and folate. Choose any type of oatmeal for breakfast, except the flavoured ones as they could contain sugar. Take oats with milk, honey, fruits and nuts.



If you are confused which cereal or whole grain to eat for breakfast, just blindly pick ragi or finger millets for your breakfast. Rich in Vitamin B, fibre, protein, iron, phosphorus and calcium, ragi is indeed a powerhouse of nutrients and can be an excellent first food of the day.


3. Idli And Sambhar:

The best breakfast in India, so to say. The rice and urad dal in idli make it a complete protein while the vegetables and cereals in sambhar are good supplements. Idlis are quite fulfilling and you can continue for hours by just having two to three of them.


4. Cereals:

Pick the type which was more fibre than sugar. Various whole-grain or bran cereals like shredded wheat have the combination of minimum five grams of fibre and less than five grams of sugar. They also provide essential nutrients like riboflavin, folic acid and other macronutrients. Take the healthy cereals with skim milk and fruit.



The perfect fruit to begin the day, bananas are one of the best sources of resistant starch, which is a healthy carbohydrate. Take a full banana or slices in cereal or oatmeals. It will make your breakfast naturally sweet. The high content of potassium in bananas also makes it good for people who have hypertension.



Though there is debate over eggs increasing the dietary cholesterol, they are one of the best breakfast items, thanks to proteins and nutrients like Vitamin D. Cholesterol in eggs has less impact on blood cholesterol than it was thought earlier.


7.Coffee And Tea:

Drinking coffee in the morning reduces the risk of diseases like prostate cancer and diabetes. A research has also found it to be an antioxidant. Tea is also helpful, as it has less caffeine and includes catechins, which are immunity-boosting antioxidants.



Watermelon is a great fruit to start the day because of its high water content and also lycopene - a nutrient which is very helpful for eyesight, heart and prevention of diseases like cancer. It also has very little calories.


9.Orange Juice:

Fortified orange juice has Vitamin D, which is helpful in preventing osteoporosis, depression and also cancer. However, limit it to a small glass a day, as it contains high calories and sugar.


10.Almond Butter:

If you don't eat dairy products or egg, go for almond butter as a good alternate protein. The monounsaturated fat in it and also the taste make almond butter a great breakfast ingredient.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 1, 2016, 12:30 [IST]
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