World Food Day 2015: Foods Never To Order On Delivery

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It is said that more than half a billion people walking the face of this earth are considered to be foodies. At every nook and corner you would find a ton of people gathered at their favourite eat-outs only binging on food they love, given any time of the day.

If you are one of those foodies, then this is the perfect article you should read on the occasion of World Food Day 2015. Now, with the introduction of en number of online food chains, we humans have become lazy to carry home-cooked food to work.


The flashy advertisements and the welcoming prices these online food chain devour us with are enough to let us binge on high calorie, less protein foods. Though this junk food is very dangerous to health, we are left with with no choice but to order online. So, here are some of the tips you need to keep in mind. Never order these kind of foods on delivery, take a look:



Burgers are the best and fastest food you can order online, which is why many opt for it. However, this is one food to avoid ordering for delivery as it contains fresh cut vegetables like cucumber and tomato which can make the bun soggy and wet to consume.



Pizza outlets have a policy to reach the customer within 30 minutes. Do you know why? This is only because post 30 minutes, the pizza doesn't taste that appetising. The base gets soiled with the vegetables and the cheese together with the topping gets crystalised too.


Dosa & Chutney

This famous South Indian breakfast is delicious only when you eat it right off the pan. When packed the crispy texture of the dosa is ruined, thus leaving you with a soggy one.



Parathas are a healthy treat. If you want to order paratha's online be ready to use both your fingers to pull a piece apart. Wheat and maida parathas are the worst to consume when it is ordered online and delivered.


Vadas Too!

Vadas are known for their crunchy texture. But when you order for it to be delivered don't expect the vada to remain the same. On the other hand, ordering fried foods for delivery is risky.


French Fries

One cannot enjoy french fries when it is ordered online. Online hotels pack the fries when hot and the temperature obtained from the fries makes them soggy and wet. This is disgusting to consume and not at all a royal treat.


Garlic Bread

The same is with garlic bread too. When you order it only to be delivered garlic bread becomes soggy and the taste of garlic becomes too pungent for one to consume.

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