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Unhealthy Things To Avoid Doing After A Meal

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After finishing a meal, what do you do? Take a nap, or light a cigarette? These are two of the worst and unhealthy things to avoid doing after a meal.

According to experts, nearly 90 percent of people smoke after a meal. The reason why smokers light that butt after a meal is because it makes them feel relaxed, aids in better digestion (according to them) and makes them feel light mentally and physically, especially after a 'heavy' meal. There are some who also bathe post a meal, as this too aids in relaxing the mind and the body.

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These kinds of things are extremely unhealthy and should be stopped immediately.

Research shows that smoking, taking a nap and bathing after a meal result in different types of cancer and stomach bloating. The reasons may be the over-secretion of digestive acids and juices, over production of stomach acids and it also interferes with the food absorption process.

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Likewise, there are a few more unhealthy things to avoid doing after a meal. It is best to avoid these bad habits if you want to live a healthier and a much active lifestyle. Take a look at these things you should avoid post any meal:



Smoking a cigarette right after your meal is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes which thus increases the risk of lung, throat and stomach cancer.



Experts suggest not to bathe after a meal. Taking a shower when the stomach is full, weakens the digestive system and interferes with the digestion process making you feel sick.



Dancing after a meal is unhealthy as this extreme form of exercise or activity will make it tough to absorb the nutrients in the intestine.


Brisk Walking

Exercising or brisk walking after a meal is another thing to avoid. Brisk walking directly after a meal interferes with the food absorption which results to giddiness and a nauseous feeling.



Never eat fruits after a heavy main course meal. Fruits should be consumed before a meal as the body can benefit from its many nutrients and proteins.


Drinking Cold Water

It is unhealthy to drink cold water after a meal. Cold water doesn't allow proper digestion unlike hot water which aids in better digestion and good absorption of nutrients.


Taking A Nap

After a heavy meal, taking a nap or sleeping is dangerous. It is dangerous because when we lie down, the digestive juices flow back from the stomach and into the esophagus. Due to this gravitational force, the juice burns the inner layer of the esophagus causing acidity problems.


Hot Tea

A lot of people opt for hot tea after a meal. This unhealthy habit is dangerous for the digestive system. The hot tea also absorbs the protein from the food consumed which later is beneficial for the body. On the other hand, tanin which is present in tea inhibits iron absorption thus leading to iron deficiency or anemia.

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