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Tips To Prevent A Heatstroke

If you go out and move around for long time in a very high temperature, you will feel uncomfortable and there will be lot of sweating. The process of sweating may cool down your body for a time being but if you still continue to be in hot and humid climate, chances are you might get a heatstroke.

Facts About Heat Illness In Children

Any person who ignores the signs of overheating and exertion can easily get a heatstroke. Even if you take a lot of fluids when you are out in sun, this will not prevent you from heatstroke. It may even worsen the symptoms of heat stroke as water may mask the symptoms of exhaustion.

You can also get heatstroke while you are relaxing out in the sun and you might never have a warning that you are about to have a heatstroke. However, it can occur more if you are doing physical activities out in the sun.

Symptoms Of Sun Stroke

You must be aware of the weather and know the signs of a heatstroke. First sign of heat stroke is heat exhaustion or heat cramps. These minor symptoms can cause heatstroke if ignored.

Here, in this article we will share with you some tips that will prevent you from heatstroke.


Drink Water Beforehand

If you leave home after having lot of juices or water, your body will be protected from the adverse effects of heat and heatstroke.


Use Sunscreen

Your skin is the main defense of your body. It prevents heat stroke too. If your skin is burnt and overheated, it may not be able to protect you from the adverse effects of heat. Your body will not cool itself down to the appropriate temperature if you are sunburned. Therefore, always apply a sunscreen on your exposed skin.


Avoid Peak Sun Hours

The peak hours of more sun damage are between 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. You must try to stay indoors during this time and avoid physical activity if you go out during this time frame.


Avoid Tight Or Dark Clothing

Tight fitted clothing increases your body temperature and also sweating. Dark coloured clothes will retain heat more. Always wear loose and light colored clothes when out in the sun.


Have A Shower

If you have signs of heat exhaustion, have a shower or bath. This will cool you down. Avoid a cold bath or shower, as it will cause abrupt decrease in temperature and will decrease blood circulation. Go for a cool shower always. Ensure you are not sweating at before going for a bath. Let it dry naturally and then go for a bath.


Avoid Heavy Or Fatty Foods

It requires a lot of your energy to digest the fatty and heavy meals. This will lead to more exhaustion and you will feel more tired. Have fruits, light foods and vegetables before going out in sun.

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