13 Foods That Resemble Your Body Organs And Benefits

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We are blessed with wonderful natural foods that are a cure for almost all body ailments. We must recognise the power of foods in healing our body from within. However, unfortunately, we hardly include fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet and fill ourselves with all the wrong foods instead.

Health Benefits Of Eating Organ Meat

One very beautiful thing we can observe is that certain natural foods resemble most of our body parts. For example, a walnut is shaped like a brain and you will be surprised to know that it protects the brain from damage, as it is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. In this article, we have explained certain foods that are beneficial to their lookalike body organs.

These foods are rich in various nutrients that are much needed for the particular organ. For example, zinc in figs benefits the male reproductive system and vitamin E in olives benefits the ovaries. You must know these foods resembling body organs and consume them regularly for your well-being.

Stay Young With These Foods

Scroll down to know the interesting resemblance of foods with body organs for which they are beneficial.


Olives For Ovaries

Olives resemble the female ovaries and are believed to be the best foods for them. They are rich in vitamin E, A and unsaturated fatty acids. For a healthy reproductive system eat olives.


Figs For Testes

This fruit resembles the male testes and is believed to be one of the best foods for the male reproductive system. Figs are rich in zinc that is important for sexual health and virility in males. You can find that the tiny white seeds found inside the fresh figs resemble sperms.


Walnut For Brain

Walnuts resemble the brain and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are very beneficial for the brain. Walnuts increase blood flow to the brain and protect it from any damage. Eat walnuts for an increased brain function.


Kidney Beans For Kidneys

These beans resemble the shape of kidneys and are a best remedy for kidney stones and other kidney-related problems. Drinking kidney bean water during the day can help reduce any pain associated with kidney stones.


Sweet Potato For The Pancreas

Sweet potato is good for diabetes, and since pancreas secrete insulin that reduces the sugar level, they are considered to be best foods for diabetic patients. Sweet potatoes have a low glycaemic index, therefore, it benefits the pancreas, especially in diabetic cases.


Grapes For The Lungs

A bunch of grapes resemble the alveoli present inside the lungs. A study has shown that resveratrol in red gapes can reduce the inflammation of the lungs and keep the lungs healthy.


Tomato For The Heart

When you cut open a tomato, you will find chambers inside it just like the ones you see in a heart. Drinking tomato juice daily can reduce the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.


Avocado For The Uterus

When we cut an avocado, the seed inside it resembles a foetus in the uterus. Avocados contain folic acid, which is important for the development of nervous system in the foetus.


Grapefruit And Oranges For Breasts

Grapefruits and oranges contain flavonoids that kill the breast cancer cells in humans. Eat a lot of citrus fruits to protect the breast from cancer.


Mushrooms For The Ears

Slice a mushroom and it will resemble the ears. Most mushrooms are just curved in appearance like ears. Mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, which helps with our sense of hearing. Vitamin D helps to increase bone strength and the tiny bones present in the ear are necessary for good hearing.


Ginger For Stomach

Ginger relieves stomach-related issues, heaviness, acidity, nausea and vomiting. The phenolic compounds in ginger relieve stomach irritation and increase bile production for the digestion of fats.


Carrot For The Eyes

When we cut a carrot, we see tiny lines radiating out from the center that resemble the iris of your eye. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which is important for our eyesight and prevents our eyes from macular degeneration as we age.


Celery For The Bones

Celery resembles bones, as celery stalks are long and thin. It is rich in vitamin K, which helps the bones to absorb calcium. The manganese content in celery protects the connective tissues of the bones.

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