Do You Know The Benefits Of Aspirin?

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There is a popular saying we all are familiar with that is an apple a day keeps the doctor away! However, studies have showed that an aspirin at night keeps diseases away.

Aspirin is a common medication that is prescribed to get rid of headache, body or muscle pain, common cold and toothache. It also helps in reducing pain and swelling of the joints. Aspirin can also be prescribed to the patients suffering from heart diseases and stroke.

Aspirin, also known as a salicylate, is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), which helps in preventing a lot of ailments when consumed regularly, specially at night. The blood thinner is so powerful that it protects the heart and brain from severe blood-clotting and life-threatening attacks.

According to a new research, aspirin is important for women too. Pregnant women are prone to blood-clotting problems, especially after miscarriage. Consuming a small dosage of aspirin daily can enhance the blood circulation in your body, help reduce cholesterol levels and also enable a good heart beat and blood pressure.

This little pill, which when consumed orally, is beneficial in a lot of ways. Boldsky shares with you the many health benefits of aspirin. You should take a look and reap its benefits for better health:


It Decreases Stomach Cancer Risk

A new study states that regular consumption of this medication will prevent stomach cancers. Gastric cancer, colorectal or bowel cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer can be prevented if aspirin is consumed in low doses.


It Decreases A Heart Attack

Ideally, this blood thinner is prescribed to patients who are suffering from heart diseases. Aspirin thins the blood and prevents the blood from clotting, which is one of the causes of heart attack.


It Helps Prevent Strokes

Patients who have suffered a stroke can reap the benefits of aspirin. After a stroke, the victim may witness a slight headache and pain in the head due to the impact of inflammation in the brain. Aspirin helps reduce the after-effects of a stroke, since it is a mild pain killer.


It Relieves Headaches

Aspirin is prescribed for headaches. It is also a safe drug to pop in if you are suffering from a migraine attack. This pill eases the pain in the head and promotes good blood circulation in the brain.


It Prevents DVT

Patients who are suffering from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) are prescribed aspirin, since it is a healthy and safe blood thinner.


Who Should Avoid Aspirin?

Pregnant women should consume the pill only if the doctor has prescribed it. Children under 16 years of age should avoid taking aspirin, as it brings on an unpleasant disease called Reye's Syndrome.


When To Avoid The Pill?

It is important that one should avoid drinking while taking aspirin. The drug is small but highly effective on the body, so when alcohol and the pill are consumed together, it can lead to stomach bleeding.


Aspirin & Other Medications

It is best not to mix other blood-thinning drugs with aspirin. Avoid taking ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin). Ibuprofen makes aspirin less effective for the heart and blood vessels if consumed together.

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