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10 Weird Sleep Habits And Their Causes

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Getting a sound sleep is important for your well being. Many serious diseases have been linked to incomplete sleep or insomnia. It has been medically proven that a better sleep means a better health. An incomplete sleep can invite many diseases such as heart diseases, depression, weight gain, mental confusion, restlessness and irritability. You also feel tired and fatigued.

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We must get at least eight hours of sleep and this is called as beauty sleep. Sleep is also important for your skin. People having incomplete sleep get early signs of ageing.

Having said that, some people despite of being having a good sleep can be disturbed. The reason is they experience some weird things during sleep. Some persons talk and some walk during sleep. Other hear a loud exploding sound which wakes them up. There are many more awkward things explained below in this article.

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This article will explain you the reasons behind this unusual behaviors during sleep and a remedy for this. Have a look at some unusual sleep habits and reasons behind them.


Sleep Talking

sleep talking, also known as somniloquy means a sleeping person talks and makes noises. The person during his sleep may talk clearly or just mumble. The main reasons for this condition may be increased stress, alcohol consumption or incomplete sleep. Sleep talking isn't something to get afraid off, but it may annoy your partner.


Sleep Eating

These persons may eat during sleep. They get up from their bed and go into the kitchen. These persons go to the extent of opening the fridge, using knife to cut the edibles, eat frozen foods directly from the freezer. This condition may be dangerous as the person may hurt himself while holding knife or eating frozen foods. He can get dental problems (due to frozen foods) and hand injuries.


Sleep Sex

In this condition, as is quite obvious from its name, the person involves in sexual activity with his or her partner during sleep or before he is fully awake. This may happen if the person is dreaming about sex. This condition is very embarrassing and later you may be apologetic.


Sleep Falling

In this condition the person feels as if he falls from the sky, a cliff or a mountain. This is accompanied by a jerk during sleep and eventually the person wakes up. When we dream our body gets paralysed however in sleep falling a person dreams without getting his body in an "off" mode.


Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis means that a person is awake but still cannot move and feels paralysed. This happens just before waking up when a person senses that he is awake but is unable to move nay body part. The reason for this is that a part of the brain wakes up sooner than the other parts of the brain. This part of the brain makes you feel awake and alert, while the part of the brain controlling muscles is still in rest. This condition is not fatal but may be a little frightening.


Sleep Walking

You might have heart or simple cracked jokes over walking during sleep but this condition can be life threatening as the walking person may put himself in danger. In this sleep condition, a person walks during sleep and he is unable to memorise the things that happened to him during sleep. The main cases are alcohol consumption, extreme tiredness, disturbed mind and sickness.


Exploding Head

In this condition, the person wakes up as he hears a exploding sound, strong flash of light or the feeling that their head is exploding. The reason for this is the same as that of the "falling during sleep". This happens because some parts of the person's brain are fully functional during sleep and the person is not completely in sleep.


Night Terrors

Night terrors, also known as sleep terror makes the person frightened by some unknown fear during sleep. He may scream and wake up. This episode may last from 2 to 15 minutes and takes a toll on person's sound sleep. This condition also harmless but may be very uncomfortable to the person as he gets frightened to the extreme. The main reasons are high stress levels, extreme tiredness, fatigue and overfull bladder. Head injuries and migraine may also be a reason for this.


Sleep Driving

In this condition the person drives from one place to another without getting awake. This can be dangerous as the person may collide his vehicle and can get seriously injured.



Ever person may experience light to loud snoring in some point of his life. There are many explanations given for snoring such as high blood pressure, heart diseases and stroke but the main reasons for snoring are obesity, medication and using a very soft pillow.

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