10 Reasons Why Some People Never Visit The Doctor

By: Ajanta Sen
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Falling ill is a part of human life. Though people try their best to stay fit and healthy, it is simply not possible for them to always succeed in their motive. Some of these diseases are caused by the deficiency of various nutritive elements whereas some others are caused by the attack of harmful germs and other carriers. Moreover, there are some diseases that are evident with increasing age. You may try your level best, but there is no guarantee that you can always be fit and healthy.

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Visiting a doctor is the most inevitable choice as he is the person who is skilled at treating all sorts of diseases. Since the nature, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for all diseases are different; you need to visit different doctors who are skilled in their own areas. As far as diseases are concerned, both men and women suffer from them. Recent studies reveal some astonishing facts as far as treatment of diseases is concerned.

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There are people who do not want to visit doctors. The reasons behind why some people never visit the doctor can be many and varied. These reasons may differ from one person to another. Following are the top 10 reasons why some people never visit a doctor:


1. Willingness Of Not To Share Bodily Secrets:

This is one of the top 10 reasons why some people never visit a doctor. They do not want to share some of their body secrets to the doctors. They are afraid of revealing these secrets.


2. Not Having Full Faith In The Ability Of The Doctors:

Though this is not a valid reason for everyone, there are people who do not have full faith in the abilities of the doctors. The bas skills of a doctors is one reason why some people never visit the doctor.


3. Taking The Diseases Lightly:

Ignorance is a basic reason for this as people often fail to realize the severity of their disease. This can be fatal and one must not take any disease lightly.


4. Expenditure:

In the opinion of many people, visiting a doctor can result in unnecessary expenditure. Saving money is one of the top 10 reasons why some people never visit the doctor.


5. Not Finding Enough Time:

You may consider this a lame excuse, but there are many people who fail to visit a doctor only because they do not get enough time to do so. If you are suffering from any sort of illness, you must make sure that you somehow make time to visit the doctor.


6. Not Having Enough Idea Of A Specialist Doctor:

This can be a valid reason for you if you are a new comer to a place. However, you can take help and advice of your friends, relatives, or neighbors. You should not suffer unnecessarily for want of a doctor.


7. Dislike Allowing Doctor Touch The Body:

Diagnosis of a disease is virtually impossible without touching the body of the patients. Though this can be a valid reason for the female patients, men should never have a complexity like this. Moreover, women should not have a problem to visit a lady doctor, if need be.


8. Fear Of Tests:

Tests can be embarrassing and gruesome for many people. The tests are often time consuming too. That is one of the reasons why some people never visit the doctor.


9. Untimely Death:

Many people believe that they would lose their lives, once they are admitted in a hospital or nursing home. Though nothing of that sort happens, you cannot stop people from having such superstitions or misconceptions about medical science.


10. Unsympathetic Attitude Of The Doctors:

This is one of the top 10 reasons why some people never visit a doctor. To some extent, the reason is valid too. However, this is not true for all the doctors in the world. You may have to look around and find a doctor who is friendly and sympathetic.

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