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10 Health Habits That Weaken Men

Posted By: Staff
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Today lifestyle has become faster and hectic than before. Though your body gets some rest, your brain continues working even while you’re sleeping. Such an uptight lifestyle can hamper your immunity system. Therefore, to deal with your life’s evil, you have to build a strong immunity.

But men always don’t follow the healthy lifestyle. They get attracted to bad habits like smoking or drinking which only make the situation worse. You are already surrounded by germs, bacteria and viruses.

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Diseases have become your regular companion. Sick leaves are affecting your reputation at your workplace. So, this is the high time to dump health habits that weaken men. If your immunity is strong enough to combat those diseases, that is the best. Make it stronger. But if you are not that much strong from inside, don’t let the bad habits make you weaker.

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It is not at all difficult to lead a hale and hearty life. You just stop practicing those 10 health habits that weaken men. For instance, you follow a healthy routine, do exercise regularly etc. But all your effort can go in vain if you add 4 spoons of sugar into your tea each time. So, having a strong build up is not the only thing, you have to maintain it. So, what are the 10 health habits that weaken men? Read on to know more-



There are lots of campaigning against smoking is going on media. Smoking deteriorates your defense system and exposes you to numerous diseases. While on one hand your pulmonary system is at risk, your heart is also at danger if you don't consider this among health habits that weaken men.


Too Much Alcohol

How many times have you missed any important assignment due to hangover? Excessive drinking can wane the linings of mouth as well as esophagus. Thus, bacterial and viral attacks can happen to you very often. Doctors suggest only two drink per day is enough for a man who has drinking habit.


Junk Foods

You're always in hurry. Why not have a donut at breakfast and a burger at lunch? But do you know this is one of those 10 health habits that weaken men? Foods with lots of sugar and no fruits and vegetables in your diet only make your immunity system weaker.


Stress A Lot

Yes, you can't avoid it completely but can lower it by simple efforts. Personal life, work pressure, studies, exams- whatever the reason is, if you try breathing exercises or work out at least half an hour, you can de-stress your body and build a shield against many diseases.


Skipping Exercise

This is definitely one of those health habits that weaken men. Do you know that daily exercise can create antibodies to fight against lots of diseases? You don't need to spend hours at gym. Only walking or cycling can boost up your immunity to a great extent.


Sleepless Nights

Men have a habit of doing late night parties or night outs. The tendency is seen mainly at youths. They don't understand that such deeds are only making their immunity system fragile. Lack of sleep only makes you obese, causes hyper tension and distraction from work, diabetes etc.


Risky Sexual Habits

Discussing health habits that weaken men must include this one. Any kind of sex without using condoms can cause killer sexual diseases like AIDS, where your immunity system get completely crashed and your body can lose power to fight against simple infections like flu.


Self Medication

Men often make this their regular habit. You need to understand one simple thing. You are not expert, so don't disturb your body functioning with haphazard medications. Such bad habit can only create jeopardy inside your body.


Social Isolation

Sometimes it becomes difficult for certain men to dump ego and get along with crowd. But it is not possible to live alone. The more you build a shell around you, the more people will forget you. That can give you utter depression which can bring diseases, mentally and physically.


Keeping Yourself

It is said that laughter is the best medicine. To beat those health habits that weaken men, practice laughter. Keeping yourself in your world only create distance with your dear ones. So, laugh out loud and enjoy life.

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