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7 Interesting Facts About Metabolism

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When we think of losing weight, we mostly concentrate on calories and try to keep our metabolism at its optimum. Today we here at Boldsky, are going to share seven interesting facts about metabolism that you all need to know.

Metabolism actually refers to all the processes in the body that consumes energy. If we do not lose weight, we generally blame our metabolism without even analysing or understanding it.

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All have different metabolism rates. Few can burn calories very fast and few take time. The effect of this is also seen in their weight loss efforts. Read on to know about the various interesting facts about metabolism that can help you analyse your body weight.

Generally when a person tells that they have a fast metabolism or a slow metabolism, they would be referring to their weight gain or weight loss. Read on to know more details about metabolism below.

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Resting Metabolism Factor (RMR)

It is referred to as the chemical process that takes place in the body while a person is just sitting and the fat is burnt in the process. People are generally interested in this RMR rate as they do not have to do external exercises. You can get your RMR checked by doing a calorie meter test.


Proteins Boost Metabolic Rate

Studies suggest that protein is the only nutrient that helps to burn calories. Try to choose foods like chicken, fish and other foods that are rich in proteins and help you to increase your metabolic rate.


More Muscles Increases Metabolic Rate

The more the amount of muscles present in the body, the more the chances of increased metabolic rate in the body. This is one of the interesting fact about metabolism.


Carbs Are Metabolism Busters

If you think that avoiding soft drinks and beverages will help you lose weight then you are totally wrong as foods like white bread can also slow down your weight loss. So, next time you think of dieting on white bread its better you give it a skip.


Men Are Blessed With Higher Metabolic Rate

Yes, this is a fact as men have more muscles and their testosterone levels are higher when compared to women. Their metabolic rate is almost double when compared to women. This helps them lose weight easily.


Menopause Affects Metabolism

Studies suggest that the metabolic rate is reduced when a woman undergoes menopause. The estrogen level drops lead to this slow metabolic rate. As a result, women tend to have more belly fat after this.


Health Conditions Influence Metabolism

Various health conditions affect your metabolism rate. For eg: Hypothyroid. In this condition, you will have trouble to lose weight as the body does not produce sufficient amount of thyroid hormones. If there are any health issues, it is best to consult a doctor before going on a diet.

These are the few interesting facts about metabolism. If you have any other points, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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