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Best Healthy Snacks To Store At Office Desk

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We often get busy at work and tend to miss out on breaks. This makes our body get less nutrition than needed. You need to take little breaks that are much needed for the body. Breaks taken with a span of 2 hours is considered to be healthy.

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To stay healthy, we need to eat food that can help us revive and sustain energy. This keeps the body active. Today, we here at Boldsky are going to share the list of best healthy snacks that you can store at your office desk.

Make sure you have this little pantry at your desk where you keep the healthy food. These foods not only help you to curb the sudden hunger pangs but it will also help you to feel a little filled when you have missed your meal.

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Read on to know about the best healthy snacks to store at office desk for better health.


Almonds and Dates

This is a unique and nutritious combination. Both these foods are rich in proteins and the sweetness of dates help you to feel satisfied with the hunger pangs. But if you are on a diet, then make sure you have this snack in limited quantity as it is rich in calories.



This is one of the best healthy snacks that you can store at your office desk. Just have a cup of oatmeal and you will be so filled that your hunger will vanish for a long time. For an even more healthy snack, add walnuts and a bit of cinnamon to the mix.



This may be a little smelly but you can always take a break at the pantry near by. Eating tuna helps to reduce the mercury levels in the body. Add some lime juice to tuna to enjoy it. It is rich in protein and has omega 3 acids which help you stay fit.


Cut Veggies

Stock up some boiled and cut veggies at your desk. This helps you to stay fuller for a longer time. Veggies like cabbage, carrots, beans and broccoli are among the most preferred veggies.



Figs are rich in antioxidants, potassium and fibre. They are also considered as the best anti inflammatory foods. This is one of the best healthy snack that can be stored in your office desk.


Roasted Chickpeas

This snack can be stored for a longer time. Studies reveal that chickpeas help to curb the desire to eat processed foods. They are rich in nutrients like fibre and potassium.


Nut Bars And Chocolates

Nutrient bars that contain fruits and nuts are super rich in nutrients. These bars and chocolates help you stay alert as they have cocoa which helps the mind to be active. This is one of the best healthy snacks to store at office desk.

If you have any other option that can make up to this list then do share with us in the comment section below.

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