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    10 Harmful Effects Of Sedentary Jobs

    By Ajanta Sen

    Health is one of the most precious assets of humans that we need to preserve at any cost. Healthy habits are a base for human lives. As far as health disorders are concerned, they are more or less unavoidable, as many of them may happen due to various physical ailments.

    These ailments can be caused by lack of vital nutrients, whereas some others may be caused by growing age. However, there are some more that are caused by faulty ways of living.

    Nowadays, people are showing a growing awareness towards the health concerns, and that is certainly a good and positive sign. However, sedentary jobs stand as a great threat to a healthy lifestyle. Most of the in-house jobs are examples of sedentary jobs that can cause health disorders.

    However, these jobs are a basic part of profession, and they seem to be unavoidable to a certain extent. However, everyone should know about the top 10 ways sedentary jobs can harm your health.

    If you are conscious about yourself and your body, you must be very careful about the ways sedentary jobs can harm your health. Following information can be very helpful for you:


    Heart Disease:

    This is the most crucial one that can even result in a fatal condition. While sitting on the chair for hours, your body fails to burn fats and that allows fatty acids to deposit around your heart.


    Pancreatic Disorder:

    This is one of the top 10 ways sedentary jobs can harm your health. Due to sitting for long, the body faces hormonal imbalances that often results in diabetes. You may also suffer from certain pancreatic disorders that can worsen with time.


    Colon Cancer:

    One of the fatal effects of sitting for long hours can lead to colon cancer. However, study reports also reveal that sitting for long hours can also cause breast cancer and endometrial cancer.


    Constricted Hips:

    If you sit constantly on your chair for 6-7 hours every day, you can feel some discomfort in your hips. This can cause stiffness in the hip muscles, and you may face some sort of a disability if you do not take proper care right when you start feeling it for the first time.


    Poor Abs:

    Since sitting on the chair reduces your physical activities severely, the abdominal area of your body gets thicker. It makes you look unimpressive, apart from restricting free movement of your body.


    Leg Disorders:

    Sitting for long hours affects the leg muscles adversely and you often feel an inability to walk freely on your own. It happens due to poor circulation of the blood to the legs.


    Vague Brain:

    All work and no play can reduce the natural abilities of your brain. It can lose its usual flexibility, and the chances of facing cerebral attacks can increase.


    Stiff Neck:

    This is one out of 10 ways sedentary jobs can harm your health. This can be extremely painful at times. This may even result into spondylosis that is almost incurable.


    Poor Spine Condition:

    Due to a stiff neck, the spine may also get affected. It may even result in a disc damage in between the spinal pieces. You can recover early with a spine surgery; however, this surgery is very expensive.


    Poor Back Conditions:

    This is one of the most prominent 10 ways sedentary jobs can harm your body. Sedentary jobs can damage your spine together with the back. You may suffer from an extreme back pain at times.

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