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Symptoms Of Penile Cancer

The word “cancer” itself sounds scary! The signs and symptoms of most of the cancers can be identified and noticed only after the advancement of the disease. Getting early diagnosis and treatment is a great challenge. Ineffective treatment after the advancement of the disease to the difficult stages decreases the prognosis.

Penile cancer is one of the most common cancers that affect men. This occurs when there is a sudden and abnormal growth and proliferation of cells in the penis. The reasons can be unhealthy lifestyle, having more than one sexual partner, genetics, or a sudden mutation that triggers the abnormal proliferation of cells.

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It is common that men hesitate to consult a doctor even when they notice the primary signs. This makes the condition worse and increases the chances of death due to penile cancer. At the same time, some people fail to identify the early symptoms and usually ignore the problem.

Knowing the signs of penile cancer is important to you to keep yourself safe. Also, you should be aware of the causes of penile cancer, as the symptoms can vary according to the causes. Never allow ignorance to challenge your life. Here, we will discuss about the most common signs of penile cancer.

Common Types Of Cancer In Men

Having one of these symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean that you have penile cancer. If you suspect any problem, it is best to consult a doctor, at the earliest, to make an early diagnosis.


Abnormal Ulcer

If you find the occurrence of any abnormal ulcers or warts on your penis, this can be one of the signs of penile cancer. If the sore is not getting healed even after 4 or 5 weeks, consult an expert immediately. Note that these blisters may not be painful always.



Bleeding under the foreskin is one of the common symptoms that can alarm you about a cancerous state. This can be due to sudden onset or can develop slowly, depending on the causes of penile cancer. If you find bleeding associated with other symptoms of penile cancer, stay vigilant.


Discharge From Penis

Discharge from the penis is an alarming symptom. Discharges can occur in other conditions also, like infections. However, when compared with other causes the discharge that occurs due to penile cancer can be foul smelling.



Phimosis is the medical term used for the condition when there is a difficulty in drawing back the foreskin. This generally occurs during the advanced stages of penile cancer. The condition can be painful.



Probably, this is the most ignored symptom of penile cancer. Since rashes can occur due to many reasons, you may sometimes tend to ignore this primary symptom of penile cancer. If you notice some other symptoms along with rashes, definitely consult a doctor.


Colour Change

As the cancer advances, there will be changes in the structure of the component of cells. This will be presented as a mild or moderate colour change in the affected areas. In penile cancer, there will be a colour change in the penis, especially on the foreskin.

Stay informed about the causes of penile cancer to avoid a difficult situation. Also, know the signs of penile cancer to get the necessary treatment at the earliest.

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