7 Vegetable Juices For 7 Diseases

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Vegetable juices enjoy the credit of being versatile as they are tasty. Consuming mixed vegetable juice helps one to avail all the nutritional benefits in one shot.

Juicing of vegetables enhances the taste as they are separated from fibres and in a concentrated form. This concentrated juice is rich in phytochemicals, colour, flavour and nutrient value.

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Vegetable juices provide one with a balanced diet as they are a combination of many vegetables. The phytochemicals and vitamins present in vegetable juices protect one from many chronic diseases too.

Vegetable and fruit juices are known for their health benefits. They are easily absorbed and digested since it is in a liquid form. Vegetable juices help to alleviate most of the diseases such as high cholesterol level, uric acid level, anxiety, hair loss, stress etc.

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One must drink the fresh vegetable juice within 15 minutes after it's preparation. Storing the freshly made juice for over half an hour will make the juice rancid and the nutritional value may decrease if kept longer.

Here are some best health benefits of different vegetable juice to treat certain diseases.


Carrot Juice For Cholesterol Treatment

The potassium and magnesium present in carrot juice helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels. It also normalises high blood pressure and blood sugar level. People with diabetes and high blood pressure must consume carrot juice on a regular basis.


Beet Root Juice For Uric Acid

Beet root, carrot and cucumber are combined to prepare a healthy vegetable juice, It is consumed to reduce the pain and inflammation on the joints due to uric acid..When uric acid level in the blood rises, its crystals get accumulated in the joints causing pain, redness, inflammation and itching.


Slimming Juice

Blend 10 grams of kale, 5 grams of spinach, 5 grams of cucumber and 5 grams of lettuce. Dilute the fresh vegetable juice with water and consume it. This juice will help to burn the fat on the waist and thighs. Drink this juice early morning on an empty tummy. Practice this treatment for a month for positive results.


Cabbage And Red Pepper Juice For Anti-Ageing

Wrinkles, black spots and dullness are the first signs of ageing. To delay ageing, mix 5 grams of cabbage, 4 grams of carrot and 3 grams of red pepper to make a healthy drink Consume this drink everyday for 3 weeks to reduce ageing.


Cucumber And Lettuce Juice For Anxiety

It is possible to alleviate stress and anxiety by having vegetable juice. Blend cucumber and lettuce, add crushed ice and consume it. This healthy juice for anxiety will calm the nerves and reduce anxiety.


Juice For Hair Loss

Juice 500 grams of watercress. Massage this healthy juice on the hair and scalp. Let the juice soak in the hair fro 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.


Kale, Green Grapes Juice For Bone Health

This green healthy vegetable juice is rich in iron (needed extra during your period and pregnancy), and vitamin K. It also benefits blood circulation and is the best vegetable juice for bone health.

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