7 Detoxifying Super Foods

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Detoxification is a process where body's toxins are eliminated. It keeps the body clean and healthy. Our body gets filled with toxins due to our lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking. Environmental factors also adds to it which eventually leads to various health hazards and skin problems. The best way to put an end to this is to eat foods that have the ability to detoxify our body.

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Detoxifying our body is a key to lead a healthy life free of diseases. Our body can be detoxified by adding detox super foods to our diet. In this article, we at Boldsky have listed out a few super foods which promotes detoxification and eliminates toxins from the body. Read on to know more.


Green Tea

Catechins present in green tea helps to remove free radicals and improves liver functioning which is vital for detoxification.



Avocado is packed with anti oxidants which helps to remove all toxins from the body. It blocks carcinogens and helps the liver to remove synthetic chemicals from the body. Since avocado is rich in vitamin K, it protects the liver from free radical damage.



Garlic is used as a detoxifying agent. The compounds present in it helps destroy harmful bacteria and yeast in the intestine and helps to prevent the production of toxins.



The good amount photo chemicals present in cauliflower helps in detoxification. Since it is rich is vitamin K and C, it fights free radicals and supports liver functioning.



Since lemon is acidic in nature, it helps to restore the pH balance. It aids in eliminating the waste and also helps in the detoxifying process.



Ginger is one the best detoxifying agent. The compounds present in ginger aids in detoxification. Sipping on ginger tea is the best way to detoxify your body.



Beetroot is one of the best super foods which effectively detoxifies our body. The chemicals present in it cleanses our body and eliminates the toxins. It stabilizes body's pH balance and assists in healthy detoxification.

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