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7 Ways Red Wine Benefits Your Health

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There is misconception that wine has an adverse affect on health since it is an alcoholic beverage. But research says that consuming moderate amounts of wine has positive effect on health. It reduces your waist line, the polyphenols present in wine is beneficial for heart health.

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Some of its other benefits include prevention of dental diseases, weight loss, prevention ofmemory loss and protection against certain cancers. In today's article, we at Boldsky have listed out a few benefits of red wine. Read on to know more about it.


Anti Ageing

Age gets better with wine! According to Research, red wine has anti ageing properties. The compound present in red wine called resveratrol, contributes to delay the ageing process.


Prevents Dementia

Moderate amounts of red wine reduces the risk of dementia. The resveratrol assists in proper blood supply to the brain and lowers the risk of dementia.


Prevents Type 2 Diabetes

Resveratrol improves the sensitivity to insulin. Insulin resistance is the prime factor which contributes to type 2 diabetes. Thereby, red wine prevents type 2 diabetes.


Improves Lung Function

Red wine consumption also reduces the risk of lung cancer and improves the function of lungs.


Reduces Depression

Red wine may also reduce the risk of depression. Consuming a glass of red wine a day keeps depression away.


Prevents Blindness

Red wine prevents abnormal blood vessel growth in the eye. Such growth can even lead to blindness.


Good For Brain Health

Red wine is also found to keep Alzheimer's disease at bay by preventing the damage of brain cells .

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