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Reasons Why You Overeat

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Understanding why you overeat may surely help you curb your intake up to an extent. But what happens when you overeat? Well, from obesity to clogged arteries, many health issues start from the same origin- overeating.

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When you overeat, you may also gradually get addicted to compulsive eating and this habit may claim your life one day if not curbed in its initial stages.

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So, knowing about the reasons why you are not getting the equation right may help you address the problem better. Now, let us discuss about the reasons.


Reason #1

Distracted eating could be one reason why you are eating beyond your hunger levels. Whether it is the TV or the gadgets that's distracting you, switch them off.


Reason #2

Though genetics may affect your appetite and brain signals that amplify cravings, experts say that it shouldn't turn into an excuse to overeat.


Reason #3

Emotional eating could be one reason why you are overeating. As foods alter moods, this may make you eat beyond limits when you are emotional.


Reason #4

Try other techniques to handle stress; eating something tasty isn't the right escape from stress.


Reason #5

Like alcohol and smoking, even eating could turn into an addiction if you are not alert. Check whether addiction is the reason why you are eating too much.


Reason #6

Artificial sweeteners and sugary foods may impact your body's mechanism that gauges your limits. Stay away from such foods.


Reason #7

Crash diets may increase your carvings over a period of time and this may trigger overeating all of a sudden. Never embrace such harsh methods.


Reason #8

A recent study concluded that lack of sleep may make a person consume more on the next day. So, get enough sleep to stay slim and healthy.


Reason #9

In women, monthly cycles and hormonal imbalances may cause overeating.

These are just a few reasons why we overeat. If you know about any, please share them with us.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 17, 2015, 12:02 [IST]
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