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Plants That Help In Breast Growth


No matter how the trend goes to size zero, all women secretly wish to have big breasts. Breasts are the part of secondary sexual organs and it plays an important role in attracting men’s attention. From the puberty time onwards, when a girl start noticing changes in her breasts, she longs to have big and attractive breasts.

But, unfortunately all women don’t get the luck of satisfying her secret wish. But, don’t worry! You still have the chance!

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There are many cosmetic treatments that help to increase the size of breasts. But, that is not an affordable and practical option for the time being. Also, there are many mild and serious health issues associated with it. Here comes the importance of natural methods to boost your boobs in a safe way.

There are many herbs and plants that make breasts grow. These are proved to be very effective in increasing the size of the breasts. While some of them have to be taken raw, some others can be used in processed ways. Do not expect a sudden change. You have to consider this as a treatment and should be patient enough to wait and see the gradual change.

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Here we will discuss more about the top 6 plants that make breasts grow.

Fenugreek – This is probably the most widely used home remedy for increasing the size of breasts. This acts by its phyto-oestrogen that will mimic the oestrogen in your body. Since oestrogen is important in the growth of breasts, taking fenugreek is very useful.

Wild Yam - Wild yam is a rich source of progesterone from its fat called diosgenin. When consumed regularly, this will help to keep the hormone balance of the body. Also this will stimulate the fat production in the breasts.

Fennel – Fennel seeds are very commonly used as a taste enhancer. This contains high amount of flavinoids that have the properties of female hormones. Consuming this will help to get a boost in the development of breasts.

Red Clover – This is one popular herb that can be included in the list of 6 plants that make breasts grow. This also acts with its oestrogenic properties by binding to the corresponding receptors. You will find red clover as an effective treatment for increasing breast size.

Burdock- This is another one among the top list of 6 plants that make breasts grow. This can be used as a spice and you can include this in your recipes to get the effect of increasing breast size. This is also used for the proper functioning of the reproductive system.

Saw Palmetto – This belongs to the palm family. This is commonly used in men for treating enlarged prostate gland. But, when used in women, the effect is a promising enhancement in the breast size. This makes saw palmetto an unavoidable one among the 6 plants that make breasts grow.

Men will talk about attractive zero sizes, but we all know that this is not what they really want to enjoy in real life! Now that you know some natural ways to increase your breast size, try it today itself.

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Story first published: Monday, August 17, 2015, 2:03 [IST]
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