How You Can Keep Your Mind Under Control

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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To maintain a healthy life, just a well built body is not enough. You have to keep a strong mind to travel easily on the path of your life. But controlling mind is not always in your hand. Negative thoughts often come to you all of a sudden and can disturb your mental stability to a great extent. Therefore, great philosophers advice to seize your wandering mind and fix it on a certain subject. Only then can you achieve success in your field.

Know How To Manage Stress

So, you must know how to keep your mind under control. Before that, you need to know the reasons of your unstable mind. It can be your stress at work place, anxiety about exams, any physical illness and many more things. Tips to keep your mind in control can help you recover from a disturbed mental situation. Experts say that the human mind is a mysterious place. Sometimes, there are no fixed reasons to be anxious. But you just need to be aware of the ways to keep mind under control.

10 Simple And Quick Meditation Techniques To Relieve Stress

Often your mind builds stories and situations to make you worried. In today’s hectic life, tension and stress are your regular companions. So, how to keep your mind in control? If necessary, take help from a psychologist. Before that, here are some tips on how to control your mind that you may try-


1. Meditation

Very effective method to keep your mind under control. When negative thoughts appear in your mind, it only disturbs your mental stability and makes you weaker. You lose ability to think rationally. Habit of meditation can calm your mind and strengthen your mental health.


2. Breathing Exercise

Do you know how to control your mind? To get a positive result, go for breathing exercise. When you get very anxious and feel troubled, take deep breath and release slowly. All negative feelings and emotions can be released when you do this. Try it and see the result.


3. Identify Your Thoughts

Keeping your mind under control is easier with this trick. Whenever negative thoughts come to your mind, you go completely unreasonable. So, first know the sources of your thoughts. As soon as you identify those, you can calm yourself down easily.


4. Counter With Positive Thoughts

When you identify the negative thoughts; you must put a full stop on those. Start to think positively. For example, if you get afraid with the thoughts of not fulfilling your assignments, think how you will be praised if you do manage to do it in time. Only such thoughts will lead you to success.


5. Divert Your Mind

If you really want to know how to keep your mind under control, divert your mind from the negative thoughts and atmosphere. If something gives you trouble, avoid it for some time. Do something else and keep yourself calm.


6. Music Therapy

You must be in search of effective ways to keep your mind cool. There is nothing better than music. If your mind is troubled, play your favourite song, put out the light of your room and listen to it. You will definitely get the power to face your challenges.


7. Aroma Therapy

Try it and you will see positive results. Whenever you feel like evil feelings are conquering you, put out the light of your room, light a scented candle and relax on a high-backed chair. Also, you can have a soothing bath with essential oils to keep your nerves relaxed.


8. Sleep Enough

Solution of every physical and mental problem. If you don't get enough sleep, your mind will be troubled already. Any kind of negative behaviour or idea can go to your nerves. So, 6-8 hours sleep is very necessary to control your mind.


9. Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the best answer to the question: how to keep your mind under control? Whenever you get too much stressed, think about some jokes, read funny stories or watch funny videos. You'll definitely feel way better than before.

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