Healthy Indian Lunch Foods That Won't Make You Sleep At Work

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It is that time of the day when most of us get busy trying to figure out what can be ordered in for lunch. For those of you who are working at a desk job, ordering a heavy lunch is not at all a healthy option.

Eating light and eating a healthy meal is something you should keep in mind at all times, especially during lunch hours. Boldsky has shared with you some of the best light Indian foods you can enjoy this afternoon, and guess what... it won't make your eyes droop with sleep!


On the other hand, these healthy Indian foods contain spices which in a way help to crave your appetite, cuts down the fat in your body and also increases your metabolism levels.( TRY THESE INDIAN FOODS THAT CUT FAT )

So, make sure you add these foods to your afternoon diet so that it won't make you sleepy and lazy:



One of the best lunch options you can indulge in is poha. This healthy treat is light on the tummy and doesn't make you drowsy as well.


Tamarind Rice

Tamarind rice is another healthy option you can enjoy this afternoon. The tangly flavour and the combination of spices and ground nuts to this lunch meal will make your tummy happy and full.


Roti Curry

Roti and curry is South India's favourite item. Consume rotis that are made only of wheat as it helps to build your metabolism and keep you active through the day. Also, the curry must contain healthy veggies that will provide you with enough energy.



Not many love this spicy and soft South Indian treat. However, if you need an energy boost with a handful of lentils then this is the perfect option for you to consume as an afternoon meal. It will also help you to stay active due to the healthy pulses.



Bisblebath is another South Indian Foods which you can throughly enjoy to the fullest. Served with khara or mixture on the side, this treat is a blessing to one's tummy.



Sevai is a major transformation of noodles! The best thing about this Indian food is it contains veggies which will help boost your afternoon mood. Carrots, beans and peas along with other healthy spices are added to the dish.



Paniyaram or paddu is a healthy treat you can opt for lunch. It is light on the tummy and if made with ragi instead of rice, it will provide you with better digestion and curb those food cravings too.


Vegetable Salad

Wondering what to eat this afternoon that won't make you sleepy. Well, try out a nice and healthy fat burning vegetable salad. You can take a look at this recipe.


Chicken Roll

Adding chicken to your afternoon meal will provide you with a whole lot of protein and other nutrients too. Add steamed or boiled chicken to your roll.


Fruit Bowl

Fruits make you feel full and doesn't allow you to fall asleep when consumed in the afternoon as a meal. Fruits that have a high energy value should be added to your diet.

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