Foods That Cleanse Intestines And Aid In Weight Loss

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Our digestive system is the gateway for our health. Whatever we eat enters the body through the stomach and intestines. This also causes undigested food to get deposited in the intestines. People who are already suffering from constipation, the problem is more for them.

It is very important to cleanse the intestines, this can happen through proper bowel movements, where all the undigested food moves out from the body. Otherwise, it may cause many health issues and even colon cancer.

The retained toxins and other undigested foods in the intestines may even cause discomfort and feeling of fullness. A clean system leads to a healthy body. Therefore, you must take measures to cleanse your intestines and colon properly through foods.

Some foods are rich in fibres, water content, good bacteria and other colon-cleansing ingredients, which not only cleanse but also promote good health of the digestive tract. These foods must be taken by everyone to ensure a better health, thereby also aiding in weight loss.

Read the article to know the amazing foods that cleanse your intestines and also aid in weight loss.


Aloe Vera

It is one of the best foods you can take to cleanse your intestines. It causes little irritation of the intestines, and thus increases the bowel movements. It also flushes out toxins from the intestines and the digestive tract. Aloe vera can also stop the bleeding of ulcers inside the stomach and intestines. Have aloe vera juice early in the morning to cleanse your intestines.


Fibrous Foods

Foods rich in fibres such as oats, whole grains, maize, barley, wheat, fruits, vegetables, etc, can cleanse the intestines effectively. These foods increase the bulk of the intestines, and thus increase the pressure for bowels. They also soften the stools by retaining water in the intestines, thereby helping in the easy removal of bowels.



It is another best food to cleanse intestines and treat constipation. Apple has excellent cleansing properties for the intestines. Have as much as apples to increase your bowel movements. Apples are rich in pectin, fibres, carbohydrates, etc, that help to increase bulk, retain water, and thus evacuate the bowels.



They are rich in potassium and magnesium, and apart from cleansing the intestines, bananas also keep your digestive system in a good condition. You must eat two bananas a day to cleanse your system and stay fit. Banana is counted among the best colon-cleansing foods.



Another best food to cleanse the intestines is yoghurt. It is rich in good bacteria (probiotics), which help in the proper digestion and absorption of foods. You need curd for a better digestive health and also to cleanse the intestines. It is also beneficial in preventing colon cancer.



People who can digest milk easily must have it to cleanse their intestines. Milk has a slight laxative action and treats constipation effectively. Milk cleanses all the undigested food and toxins from the intestines. Have warm milk with honey before you got to bed for cleansing your intestines.



They cleanse your colon naturally, as they are rich in both the soluble and insoluble fibres. They are also rich in proteins and other nutrients that promote a good digestive health. Avocado also helps in retaining the water inside your intestines and helps in bowel movement.



Eating garlic kills many infections in your body, as it has antibiotic properties. It also cleanses your intestines and removes toxins. Have garlic to reduce the bad cholesterol level, high blood pressure and heart diseases.

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