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8 Ingredients That Should Be BANNED In Food


Are you one of those people who are health conscious, who count the calories you eat, who checks the protein and nutrient value in every meal and who is dedicated to only salads?

Well, if you are one of these kind of people, let me tell you that more than this being important you are consuming foods that are much more harmful to the body.

A research states that the supposedly healthy-eating people often resort to instant soups and oats, confusing them for healthy food.


These foods contain a high amount of artificial preservatives and other contents which slowly destroy your body.

Today, Boldsky has put together some of the ingredients which should be banned in food items or dishes, take a look at these things which we think should not be consumed by you:


Artificial Sugar

The artificial sweeteners are the most dangerous for you to consume and should be banned in food like chewing gums, energy drinks, instant breakfast and more. Aspartame is a common synthetic sweeteners which causes weight gain, type-2-diabetes and metabolic syndrome.


Vegetable Oil

Vegetable Oil is another dangerous ingredient which is not good for you to consume as it could lead to heart diseases and other ailments. Foods that contain Vegetable Oil are ready to cook soups, oats etc.


Artificial Colours

Metanil Yellow, Rhodamine, lead chromate are a few permitted colours which are added to certain foods like candies and sweets. When consumed on a daily basis these colours affect the liver, kidney and retard growth.



Parabens is another ingredient which is found in food that should be banned. This preservative that prevent bacteria and fungus growth on food especially in foods like pickles, processed meat and fish, jams etc.



A preservative which goes by the name of sodium benzoate is one of the many that should be banned in food. It is commonly found in vinegar, jams, fruit juices and also certain medicines. When you consume this preservative it leads to hyperactivity in children which affects the brain.


Monosodium Glutamate Or MSG

Commonly known as chinese salt, MSG is harmful to the body. If you consume foods with this ingredient MSG it is known to slow down neurological functions like memory and learning. It also leads to liver inflammations and headaches.


Fructose Corn Syrup

this ingredient which should be banned in food is made from corn syrup and is sweeter and cheaper, and hence replaces sucrose. It is commonly found in foods like bread, ice cream, cough syrups, baked items. When you consume this harmful ingredient more than twice in the week it could lead to risk of developing obesity and type-2-diabetes.



Instant foods are packed with salt as it acts as a natural preservative. Too much of this artificial salt will lead to hypertension and heart disease.

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