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    8 Important Health Benefits Of Sleeping On Left Side


    You might be surprised to know that the position in which you sleep can improve or destroy your health. You may sleep in any position you feel comfortable. But do you know that sleeping on the left side has immense health benefits to offer you.

    It will prevent many diseases, improves your heart health, aids digestion, prevents tiredness, improves bowel movements and much more. You must train your body to sleep on the left side as this is very important.

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    After reading this article, you will find out the importance of sleeping on your left side. There are many health hazards of sleeping in any other position (other than the left side). If you sleep on the right side, the toxins in your body will not be flushed out properly, work load on your heart will increase too.

    Sleeping on your right side also tends to worsen digestion problems. Sleeping on your back can cause difficulty in breathing and can be dangerous to people suffering from sleep apnea or asthma.

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    Therefore, it is very important to practice and train your body to sleep on your left side. Some lucky people already find it comfortable to sleep on their left side. Here are very important health benefits of sleeping on your left side.


    Prevents You From Serious Illness

    Sleeping on your left side can improve your health by removing toxins through lymphatic drainage. This prevents all serious illness as all the accumulated toxins are flushed from your body. Sleeping on your left side will help your lymphatic system to remove all waste products, lymph fluid toxins. The left side of the body is the dominant lymphatic side and the right side is the slow and sluggish.


    Better Functioning Of Liver And Kidneys

    Since they are the organs of metabolism and excretion respectively, liver and kidneys tend to accumulate more waste products and toxins.. Sleeping on youe left side will effectively filter out the accumulated toxins from these organs too.


    Improves Digestion

    Sleeping on the left side causes the stomach and pancreas to hang naturally. This will help in efficient digestion of food. The pancreatic enzymes from the pancreas are released from the pancreas when required. The food also moves through the stomach easily due increased gravity. This also helps in effective digestion.


    Smooth Bowel Movements

    Gravity helps the movement of food from the small intestine to the large intestine when you are asleep on your left side. This will also help in the smooth elimination of the waste products through feces in the morning.


    Improves Heart Functioning

    Sleeping on your left side reduces the work load on your heart as the pumping of blood by the heart is helped by the gravity. The blood circulation to the heart is also increased as the load on the blood vessels taking blood to the heart (inferior vena cava) is less.


    Prevents Acidity And Heart Burn

    If you sleep on your left side, there will be less or no back movement of gastric acid up the esophagus which can cause heart burns.


    Prevents Tiredness In The Morning

    Sleeping on the left side allows the liver and gall bladder to hang freely and secrete more bile without any wastage . This helps in smooth and effortless digestion of food


    Digestion Of Fats And Prevents Fatty Liver

    We all know that bile juice secreted from the liver and gall bladder is important for the digestion of fats by the process of emulsification. Since sleeping on the left side helps in the secretion of more bile, there will be better digestion of fats. This prevents the accumulation of fats and also fatty liver.

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    Health Benefits Of Sleeping On Left Side

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