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10 Foods To Eat Before Drinking


A night of drinks with some drunken buddy chats is something we all love to have once in a while. However, as we grow older, get more responsible and have more pressing jobs, we try to limit these nights of fun and frolic. This is mainly because no one likes to wake up with a hangover, especially on a weekday. But if you eat the right food before drinking alcohol, you need not wake up with a hangover.


A hangover is typically characterised by a headache and a dry throat. This happens because alcohol dehydrates your body rapidly. That is where the foods to eat before drinking alcohol come into play. Eating right might just be the best way to avoid hangovers. You must know what foods go with alcohol so that you don't form an unsavoury cocktail in your stomach.

These are some of the best food items to have before you drink. Munch or sip these foods before drinking to stay sombre and wake up without a ringing headache.



The main reason why you get a hangover is the dehydration caused by alcohol. That is why; you should drink plenty of water before drinking to keep yourself hydrated.


Sweet Potato Mashed

Why do you get high when you are drinking? It is because your sugar level gets spiked when you drink alcohol. Having sweet potatoes before drinking keeps you full and also balances you sugar levels.



The Native Americans believe that eating almonds helps to stay stable when drinking. You should ideally have a handful of almonds if you want to avoid passing out after drinking.


Grilled Chicken

Lean meat with low carbs and fats is a very satisfying pre-drinking meal. This helps to keep your sugar level stable and gives you energy over a sustained period of time.



Alcohol causes drowsiness because it depletes the body of Vitamin B. If you have the Arabian food hummus, your body will be restored with Vitamin B complex.


Green Vegetable Juice

Have juice made out green vegetables such as spinach, bottle gourd and add mint and cilantro for taste. This green juice prevents alcohol from dehydrating your body and gives you the essential electrolytes. Also, if the juice is thick, it keeps you full so that you don't get high.



Eggs have some essential amino acids that can help to break down the toxins present in alcohol. It helps you to stay full and energetic even when you are drinking.



Cucumber is a vegetable that has 95 percent water. Munching on cucumbers before and during drinking can surely be a way to prevent hangovers.



Having a glass of milk just before drinking can definitely sombre you down. This is because milk forms a layer on your stomach that slows down the absorption of alcohol.



It has been proven that the amino acids found in asparagus can help to break down alcohol and also protects your liver cells from damage.

Story first published: Monday, October 13, 2014, 12:47 [IST]
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