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Funny Things People Do After Drinking

Drinking is one of the most common habits to get rid of stress and nervousness. While few people drink to get over their stressful lives, there are many who drink for no reason. The concept of boozing is to have fun and relax with friends or dear ones. When you sit down to drink with your friends, you are prepared to face the aftermath. In a drunken state, people do several things that can either be funny or scary! Lets check out few funny things people do after drinking.

Talk rubbish: This is one of the most common things that people do in a drunken state. As you are high, you do not know how to have control over your boneless tongue. You talks rubbish and take out whatever is on your mind and heart. Sometimes, friends or close ones try to make you high so that you speak from your heart.

Sing aloud: While some feel that they are actors or rich people, there are few who become singers after drinking. Be it a house party or a booze party in pub, listening to music while drinking can be funny after you are high. When you are drunk, the song keeps playing in your mind and you will end up singing the song out loud.

Fight: You can't control your body when you are drunk, but you will fight if the situation changes. Fight can be plain or ugly. Your friend might say something that you will not like and, in this drunken state, you pick up a small friendly fight or simply yell at your friend. You take it in a funny way because nothing is intentional.

Sleep on the floor: When alcohol shows its effect, your body becomes too heavy to carry. As the brain function slows down, you feel dizzy and tired. This is why, you fall on the floor and sleep within minutes. This is one of the funny things people do after drinking, Dealing with such activity becomes easier when compared to talking rubbish in drunken state and handling your friend in that situation.

Drink more: When you get drunk, you feel like drinking to live in that present moment. For example, you are boozing to get over a sad issue or a break up. You love the feeling after getting drunk and forget everything. Suddenly you recollect your issue and start drinking more without listening to people around you.

Call ex: When you are drunk, you speak from your heart. You miss good things and wish to take revenge for the bad things that occurred in your life. Calling your ex is funny because, you speak rubbish as you are drunk!

Kiss a friend: Alcohol is an aphrodisiac. When you are drunk, your drive might increase and make you kiss your friend. The funniest thing is, kissing a friend of the same gender!

Which funny thing have you done in a drunken state?

Story first published: Monday, June 11, 2012, 15:00 [IST]
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