Top Summer Fruits For Weight Loss!

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It is always great to enjoy some fruits in the hot summer days. From the juicy watermelon to the tangy king of all fruits, mango, you can enjoy the summer season with some delicious fruits. Apart from being tasty, these fruits are also good for your health. CONVERT YOUR WEIGHT FROM KGS TO LBS

Summer fruits like mangoes, lychee, watermelon, plums, figs, papaya, peaches, guava and honeydew lemon are a hot pick among fruit lovers. However, it would be interesting to know that some of the summer fruits can be your key to weight loss. Yes, you read it right! Eating these fruits will aid weight loss and prevent you from putting on unwanted kilos.


For example, watermelon is one of the summer fruits which is very beneficial for weight loss. As it is 95 per cent water, the red juicy fruit is easy to digest. Moreover, watermelon doesn't have fats which will lead to weight gain. So, if you want to avoid unwanted weight gain during summers, have these fruits to aid weight loss and get back in shape.

Summer Fruits For Weight Loss:



This is one of the most popular summer fruits which is very healthy as well. It keeps you hydrated, is rich in water and low in fats which makes it a perfect fruit for weight loss.



Papaya is low in fats, calories and cholesterol which makes it an ideal fruit to be added in your summer weight loss diet. Moreover, papaya helps overcome stomach problems like bloating, constipation and gastritis which also makes you look heavy.



It is low in calories, contains no saturated fats and cholesterol, and is rich in dietary fiber. This makes lychee or litchi the tasty and healthy summer fruit for weight loss.



Plums contain citric acid which burns fat deposits in the body. Having plums also treats constipation and flushes out toxins from the body which aids weight loss.



Low in calories, fats and bad cholesterol, peaches are weight loss fruits. It is rich in fiber which makes it a healthy and tangy treat for dieters.



Guavas are loved by a lot of people. Now you have another reason to munch on some more guavas as it is one of the summer fruits that aids weight loss. Rich in potassium, it burns fat and also controls hunger.



The king of all fruits is also good in aiding weight loss. However, there are mixed responses on mangoes as a lot of people think mangoes lead to weight gain and not weight loss. The fruit, if consumed in moderate amounts, can help shed extra kilos.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 8, 2014, 23:04 [IST]
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