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Tips To Exercise After The Age Of 60

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A little of exercise and physical strain is like a medicine to keep away body ailments for a person of any age. As you grow older, the need of some physical strain becomes of more importance to remain fit. The only difference is the extent and intensity of the exercise changes as you grow older and one should adopt exercises which are a little mild.


How to exercise over 60 is a big question may senior citizens have. So here we are with fitness tips for over 60 people who can use these tips and stay fit and slender. For any exercise, it is the will power which is needed and not the age. Many young people do not or rather cannot exercise as much as the over 60's can. Never make age as a factor interfere with your fitness. These are simple answers on how to exercise over 60!


1. Yoga

Yoga has no age limitations and can be done by all at any age. Yoga helps in keeping the body flexible and improving the muscle and bone health. Doing mild yoga postures is one way of exercise on how to exercise over 60. Yoga helps in keeping the internal organs strong and healthy. Yoga can be performed by people over 60 everyday for half an hour or so.


2. Laughing workshops

When a person reaches the age of 60, being happy always is very important to remain fit and healthy. Laughter is one of the best ways on how to exercise over 60. Laughing is a medicine for all ailments and laughing helps to release the feel good hormones and make you feel energized and happy. Every morning if you start with laughing exercises, ut will be one great kick start to your day.


3. Walk

Morning and evening strolls in gardens and natural scenery is very good for people over 60 to relax and rejuvenate themselves. It is a good way to exercise and is included in every fitness tip for over 60. Walking is the simplest of all exercises and dies nit need a lot of strain or stress. Early morning is the et time to go for a walk or jog as the body gets the required oxygen.


4. Follow a diet

Over 60 if you feel like you need to keep a control on your weight, you must exercise. But along with a bit of exercise there are things like a diet that can help you to remain fit. Fitness tips over 60 includes a healthy diet with food that will help you to reduce your weight. Along with the right food, the correct amount of water intake also helps in keeping you fit.


5. Aerobics

Another light but peppy workout for all age groups is aerobics. You can do this exercise according to your speed and comfort and it does not require a lot of energy. Aerobics is one way on how to exercise over 60. The stretching and cardio exercises helps in keeping the body flexible along with improving the health of the heart.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 19, 2014, 1:04 [IST]
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