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12 Signs That Stress Is Killing You

Stress is a silent killer. It comes into your life, creates havoc and destroys your health without giving you slightest inkling. Most often we have this tendency to dismiss signs of stress as minor problems. We say 'its just stress'. But the symptoms of stress are not minor at all. Stress accumulates quietly and turns into a serious health problem.

So, do not miss those warning signs of stress. If you are observant, you will not miss the obvious symptoms of stress. If you ignore the minor signs of stress today, the effects of stress will be huge over time. The best thing you can do when the signs of stress appear is to try some of the best stress-busters like music, food, vacation and sex.

Do not think that the signs of stress will appear only in working professionals. Even if you are stay at home mother, you can develop symptoms of stress that spell an impending doom. What you need to understand is that nobody is beyond the effects of stress. We all succumb to this monster without knowing.

If you have the following signs of stress, then you need to buck up before you fall seriously ill.



Stress leads to anxiety and anxiety can lead to hypertension. A wildly beating heart is one of the major signs of hypertension. If you can hear palpitations consistently, then you need to see a doctor.



Ever heard of the term 'tension headache'. Too much stress can make blood vessels in your brain throb. This causes a throbbing and sharp headache.


Nose Bleeds

Nose bleeds can happen when your blood pressure rises suddenly without warning. The body's natural defence mechanism is to let out some blood to control your blood pressure. So do not ignore nose bleeds causally.


Hair Loss

In the modern times, stress is one of the prime reasons of hair loss. You will see premature baldness in many men who are still in their twenties. It's all due to work pressure and stress.


Temporary Memory Loss

Stress can make you forgetful. Short term memory loss often happens when you have have lots of work pressure or an extremely stressful life. If your memory starts failing you, then you need to take a break and recuperate.


Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, sweating palms or feet and feeling hot all the time are all signs of stress. If you are sweating profusely sitting in an air conditioned room, you need to cut down on your stress levels.


Premature Greying

Premature hair greying either happens due to heredity or unbearable stress. Stress makes your hair grey at the temples. Nowadays, even youngsters in their twenties have started getting grey hair.


Persistent Irritability

If you constantly have this feeling that you need to break something or really yell at someone, then you are surely stressed. Getting angry sometimes is fine but persistent irritability is more than mere temper tantrums.


Loss of Immunity

Do you keep falling sick every month for some or the other reason. This is purely because stress is taking a toll on your immunity.



Stress speeds up ageing and makes you look older than you actually are. If you have stared noticing untimely wrinkles and dark spots on your skin, then your stress levels are very high.


Problematic Love Life

If a man is extremely stressed, he can also be prone to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.


Cyclic Vomiting

Its true, stress can make you nauseous. There is something called the cyclic vomiting syndrome that makes you puke periodically. This condition is purely induced by stress.

Story first published: Thursday, March 28, 2013, 23:57 [IST]
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