5 Reasons You Must Do Squat Exercises

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Many people avoid squat exercises because of several misunderstandings. Some people think that squat exercises are only for those fitness freaks who are into hardcore weight training. Others believe that squats are too difficult. However, the truth is quite different. Squat exercises are for everybody and they are just as difficult as any other exercise.

Besides, squat exercises can be done without weights as well. These exercises are so easy that you need not even hit the gym for them; you can do these exercises at home. There are many benefits of doing squat exercises. First of all, you lose weight faster. There are several other benefits too.

5 Reasons You Must Do Squat Exercises

Here are 5 compelling reasons why you must do squat exercises.

Builds Leg Muscles

Squat exercises are basically done to strengthen the leg muscles. If you do squats with weights, your lower body will be built up strongly. Moreover, your back and abdominal muscles also get stretched and built by doing squats.

Releases Testosterone

Squatting is particularly beneficial weight training for men. Doing squats helps release testosterone in the body. High doses of this male hormone will help your chest expand and all your muscles will get beefed up. If you are still in your teens, squats might also help you to grow taller. This is because, squatting triggers the release of human growth hormone in your body that helps you grow taller.

Improves Athletic Ability

Squat exercises strengthen the hamstring muscles and also helps your knees stay free of injuries. If you are an athlete then hamstring and knee injuries must be pretty common for you. Squatting helps to improve the stability of your knees and reduce hamstring injuries.

Burn Fats

Squats burn fats much faster than most other free-hand exercises. Squats if done regularly can help you lose weight fast. Squats help you lose weight from your abdomen very quickly. They also help to reduce cellulite from your thighs. Squats are the best workout for a well toned butt.

Helps Keep Your Bowels Clear

Squatting helps to keep your bowel movement clear. The motion of squats helps to make your bowel movements regular. When your bowel movements are regular it helps you feel lighter and exercise more freely. So you are benefited in a two-fold way.

These are 5 reasons why you should do squat exercises. Do you squat regularly? Tell us about the results you have got by doing squats.

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Story first published: Friday, May 24, 2013, 23:44 [IST]
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