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Ill Effects Of Breast Implants

By Anvi Mehta

Breast implant is a surgery done to improve, enhance or correct the shape and size of breasts. In this surgery, a layer of artificial material is implanted inside the breast.

There are two categories of breast implants based on the type of artificial material used. The layers can be either of silicon or saline.

In the Silicone based breast implant, silicone gel is used as the artificial material which is filled in silicone shells.

These silicone gel filled silicone shells are used for Breast Implant in women. In the saline based breast implant, saline water is used as the artificial material which is filled in silicone shells. These saline water filled silicone shells are used for breast implantation in women.

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Women can opt for any of the above type of surgeries to correct their breast defects or for cosmetic reasons. The saline based breast implantation is considered safer than silicone based breast implantation. The dangers reduce in saline based breast implant in women, but there are other risks that still persist.

Though breast implant has helped women for breast related disorders and physical impairments, there are many ill effects of breast implants. A few notable side effects and ill effects of breast implants that women often face are listed below:-

1.The major ill effect of breast implant in women is the risk of leakage. The silicone gel or saline can leak in the body if there is any impact on the chest. The silicone gel can cause dizziness, nerve inflation and nausea when it starts leaking. The saline can cause bacteria and mold formation in the body if it leaks.
2.The breast implants use artificial material. Our body has a tendency to reject outside matter. The body may not be able to accept the implant and may cause pain near the breasts, swelling and rashes.
3.The ill effect of breast implant in women includes asymmetry in breast size. The surgery may cause a difference in the shape and size of breasts. The breast implant can go wrong and damage the beauty of the natural breast.
4.Every breast implant needs a replacement or a repair after every 7-8 years. The implant is not permanent and should be changed. There are risks of a rupture or leakage after a certain period of time.
5.Breast implant rupture is the major ill effect of breast implant for women. The shell rupture releases the silicone gel or saline water in the body. The rupture is silent and does not show any symptoms.
6.Breast implants in women causes inflation in the nearby arteries. The artificial mechanism effect the arteries and the silicone gel can cause inflation and swelling.
7.Breast implant for women may cause scarring near the surgical area. The scars may not leave and be visible all life. This can be an ill effect for women who do not want to reveal their implant surgery.
8.Breast implants contain material which is neurotoxin in nature. The silicone gel has certain constituents that can cause damage to the working of the nervous system if leaked.
9.The silicone gel used in the breast implant has certain constituents that are carcinogenic in nature. Breast implants do not cause breast cancer but may cause stomach cancer, lung cancer and many other bad cancers. The silicone leak in the body may cause a lot of harm to the body.
10.The breast implants enhances the size and shape of the breast, but it becomes quite evident when you get an implant done. Especially in the saline based implant, the breasts look fake and unreal.

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