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Health Effects Of A Wrong Bra Size

A majority of women pick up bras that looks fancy and smart. Lace, net and underwire bras can be tempting to the eyes, but it is very important to pick up the right bra size for yourself. Many women are not aware of the side effects on health of wearing a wrong bra.

Wearing the wrong bra size can lead to many health problems. So, if your bra becomes loose or tight, it is an indication, that you need a new pair of bra for yourself. Wrong bra size not only damages the breast size and shape, but it can also lead to health problems like back pain and chest pain. In worst cases, wearing wrong bra size can also lead to breast cancer. For example, if you wear tight-fitting bras, it blocks blood flow and this can lead to breast cancer.

Breast pain is a common sign to know that you are wearing a wrong bra size. Before buying a bra for yourself, check the type and size of it. Moreover, most of the women have the habit of wearing loose-fitting bras. Bras lose their elasticity after a few washes. This can be bad for the breast as loose-fitting bras can damage the breast size and shape. So, if you do not want sagging or popping out breasts, you need to wear the right bra size. Check out the dangerous health effects of wearing a wrong bra size.

Health effects of wearing a wrong bra size:


Breast pain

It is one of the most common health effects of wearing a wrong bra size. Tight-fitting bras that are not comfortable especially leads to breast pain.


Back pain

If you are wearing a wrong bra size, then be prepared to suffer from back pain.


Sagging breasts

Wearing a wrong size bra can spoil the breast shape and size. Instead of lifting it up and keeping in shape, the bra can sag your breasts and make them heavier.


Shoulder and neck pain

Shoulder and neck pain can be due to wearing the wrong bra size. It is one of the health effects of wearing the wrong bra size, so pick up the right size every time to avoid health complications.


Lymph nodes

Wearing a bra with a small cup size can lead to the failure of the lymph nodes. So, wear the right size of bra.


Breast size

If you do not wear fitting and comfortable bra size, your breast size will either increase or decrease.


Poor posture

Wearing a wrong bra size can spoil your posture. This also leads to back, shoulder and neck pain.


Breast cancer

This is one of the side effects of wearing a wrong bra size. Women must be very careful while picking up the bra size as one mistake can block blood flow and lead to breast cancer.


Skin abrasions

If you are wearing a pair of improper bra size, then you can develop skin abrasions in and around the breasts.

Story first published: Wednesday, June 5, 2013, 7:33 [IST]
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