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A Walk In The Greens Is Healthy

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When was the last time you went out into the greens for a walk? Well only exercise and diet does not make you slim and healthy. In the era of nutritional supplements and high technology gym you can simply walk for good health. Walking is a very good exercise if done on a regular basis. Walk for your health in the greens as it eradicates many diseases. Let us explore the benefits of walking in the greenery.

Improves Eyesight- A bare foot walk on the greens tones the muscles of our body including our eyes. It thus keeps our eyesight healthy in a similar way. An early morning walk on the grass invigorates our entire system thus keeping us fresh.

Walk In The Greens

Shoes trap energy and that is why we feel tired at the end of the day. A barefoot walk releases the built up electrical energy in the body. So you better take your shoes off, if you are going out for some green exercise.

Reduces Hypertension and Depression- Researches show the many benefits of walking. Walking is a exercise that not only improves your physical health but also mental health. It was proved by studies that people who spent some time walking in the woods had sound mental health. It reduces hypertension by reducing the speed of our busy life that we are so much used to. The benefits of walking in the woods may seem intangible and undefined. But start taking a walk for good health and you are sure to reap the benefits in sometime time.

Reduces Blood Pressure and Other Diseases- Plants emit a volatile organic compound named ‘phytoncides' to protect themselves from bacteria, fungi and insects. Humans benefit a lot by inhaling this chemical as it relaxes the stress hormone, blood pressure and heart rate. If you take up walking as a regular exercise then it will significantly reduce any fatigue that you have developed. Walk for sound health as walking burns the excess fat in our body.

Boosts Immune System- A walk in the greens revives the immune system destroyed by stress. A walk in the fresh greenery increases the activity of natural killer cells(NK). They an anticancer protein that kills tumor cells. A study has shown that patients recover faster in green surroundings. That is why they are suggested to take a walk in the wilderness to maintain good health after a surgery or disease. According to Dr. Berman, looking at the fractal patterns in nature captures attention automatically, which leads to a faster restorative process in patients.

Walking is an amazing exercise and most of us are completely unaware of its health benefits. So improve your vigour and liveliness by taking a small walk in the lap of mother nature to stay healthy.

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