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Kitchen Essentials For Organic Living

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Organic living is much more than just eating organic food. It is a lifestyle choice wherein you consciously decide not to use chemical products in your daily life. And according to facts it is not just our food that has become laden with toxins these days. We accumulate toxins from everywhere; the soap we use, the clothes we wear and even the plate we eat in.

Due to this reason you can take your choice of organic living one step further by having an organic kitchen. There are some essentials that every kitchen must have. Here are the replacements for an organic kitchen.

Organic Kitchen

Organic Crockery: Yes, your plates and bowls too can be organic. Organic crockery is produced from leaves of palm trees. They are not produced with non-biodegradable plastic that disturbs the ecosystem. It is easily disposable and absorbs the toxins from your food. Many companies produce organic crockery these days. If you cannot find these plates locally, you can eat on banana leaves.

Organic Tablecloth: Do you put a plastic cover over your dinning table? Then you cannot be a true believer in organic living. Your table cloth is important because you eat your food on it. Always buy table linen from organic stores to ensure that the fabric is produced without chemical contamination.

Organic Shopping Bag: What is the point of buying organic food when you are going to carry it in plastic bags. Never carry groceries or vegetables in non-biodegradable plastic bags. You must carry organically produced cloth bath to do your grocery shopping. Only then you can call your kitchen truly organic.

Cooking Wares: The nutrition value of your food depends on how you cook it. So if you are going to cook your food in a Teflon coated vessel everyday, then you cannot consider it as organic food. You need to cook food in organic vessels for it to be totally untouched by toxins. Cook in earthen pots. It is both fashionable and healthy to use burnt clay pots for cooking.

Organic Dish-Washing Soap: Even the soap with which you wash you vessels might leave traces of chemicals on the food. So it is better for you to use organic soaps to clean your dishes. Traditional soaps like pitambari, tamarind etc are totally natural and effective too. You can also buy organic dish-washing soap from select stores if you want.

These are some of the kitchen essentials that you need to make your kitchen organic in a true sense. Are you willing to go that extra mile to make your organic living complete?

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Story first published: Friday, August 31, 2012, 18:34 [IST]
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