5 Simple Steps To Learn Meditation

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Meditation is presented as a very heavy and intense thing us. The topic is hotly debated in spiritual circles and every spiritual guru has an opinion on it. However, after going through numerous handouts and booklets from various experts, a common man gets confused. There is hardly any material available for a simple man to learn meditation and use it as a stressbuster.

Here are 5 simple steps to learn and understand meditation. This will be a guide for the beginners to learn meditation easily.


Simple Steps To Learn Meditation:

Find a place to meditate: A peaceful environment is all that a person needs to start meditating. This is the reason people rush to Himalayas leaving the busy cities. As you are just a beginner, you need to find a place that is peaceful enough to meditate. It can be a temple or a secluded spot in a park or your house.

Sit comfortably: One you find a peaceful environment, you have to choose a comfortable palce to sit for meditating. The whole idea is to be as comfortable as you can without being lax. You need to sit in an upright posture but that does not mean that you need to uptight. Once you have sat in the right posture stop being conscious about your posture. Do not become stiff, try to relax in the position in which you are sitting.

Create a meditative environment:
It is not that easy to learn meditation in a nutshell. Meditation is about focus and an art to learn how to block the distracting thoughts. Although you are supposed to create an atmosphere within you for meditation, but you will also need some external help. Your external atmosphere should thus be favorable for meditation. Dim the lights; light some incense sticks and play soft instrumental music to soothe your mind and relax yourself.

Concentrate on your breathing: You need to maintain a slow and deliberate pace of breathing when you first learn to meditate. Fast breathing is a sign of anxiety. So keep your breathing slow and breath deeply. For the first few minutes this will take conscious effort and thus occupy your mind. However, you will slowly ease into it this slow pace of breathing. You will automatically start breathing deeply to make meditation easy.

Block all unnecessary thoughts: It is not easy to discipline your mind. Our mind does not stop working even when we are sleeping. But during meditation, you need to focus on blocking out all thoughts. As soon as you try to block out your thoughts, they will flood your brain all the more. Do not try to forcefully vacate your brain; just become indifferent to these distracting thoughts as if they are not important. Slowly your mind will clear out. When it does, you will be in real meditation.

Most people want to learn meditation as a stress buster and not a spiritual means to reach God. These basic steps will help start meditating. You can experiment with different styles of meditation after you become a pro.

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