Foods To Carry While Travelling

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Many people have the problem of nausea while travelling. This is why they have a problem to eat a normal course of meal as they have on the other days. There are certain healthy foods that you can carry while you are travelling. They will reduce your nausea to a great extent. Such foods are also very easy to digest. So, here are some healthy food ideas for your travel.

Food For Travel

Baked Items- among all the baked items the best food for your travel would be some biscuits. They are completely oil free and are easy to digest. Carry a pack of cream-free biscuits wherever you go. And as even kids like to have it, you won't have any problem at the time of travel. Carrying cakes is also one of the healthy food ideas while travelling.

Nutrition Bars- You will get many nutritionbars in the market that are made of healthy ingredients like oats and milk. They will provide you with the necessary calories of the day. Also they are nutritious. So, keep such nutrition bars in your bag so that you can have them whenever you are hungry.

Vegetables- If you are going for a short trip then, another one of the healthy food ideas while travelling would be the idea to carry some vegetable salad made of cucumber and tomatoes. This is not only nutritious but also filling. And not to forget, it is also low in calories and hence ideal for all diet freaks at the time of travel.

Dry Fruits- This is one of the best foods to eat while travelling. They are an excellent sources of energy. They do not require refrigeration and can be easily carried in small bags, plastics and even boxes. Among the various dry fruit choices you can opt for almonds, cashews, groundnut, dates etc. Carry them according to the food preferences of your family members.

Chocolates- How can we forget chocolates while we are talking of healthy foods to be carried while you travel. A single bar of chocolate does not only provide you with your daily energy requirements but is also rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants keep away harmful free radicals from our body. Apart from all these facts, this one of the most easy to digest foods.

Carry all of them or only the ones that you like at the time of travel. They will make your journey all the more comfortable by keeping your health in a proper condition.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 13, 2012, 5:02 [IST]
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