Foods That Are Bad For Your Teeth

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Tooth care is very important. As a part of personal hygiene, you should brush your teeth twice a day. This helps you to avoid mouth odour, remove small food particles that get stuck in between teeth, prevent tooth decay and gives you white teeth.

There are many people who try hard to get white teeth and fight decay. From medicines to natural remedies, there are many ways to get white teeth and fight other teeth and mouth problems. For example, neem sticks, mustard oil, salt, lemon are few natural ingredients that are used to fight tooth decay, whiten teeth and avoid mouth odour.

There are many foods that can damage your teeth and make it yellow. Tooth decay and mouth odour is also happens because of various foods. If you have sticky foods, they stick in between your teeth and leads to decay.

Dental floss is one of the easiest ways to take out food particles from tooth. Even tooth picks are of great rescue at restaurants and hotels. However, you cannot carry them in your pocket and start using after having the meal. You have to either take the food particles out or avoid eating such foods.

Here is the list of foods that you should avoid as they get stuck in your teeth.



This dairy product can add a different taste to the dish and make it more tempting. However, cheese stick on the teeth can cause decay and mouth odour.



We all love to eat chocolate and it is good for heart also. But, the sweet can build germs and bacteria that damage teeth & gets deposit in the gums. Do not eat chocolate regularly. If you eat, make sure you brush after having it.



Munching popcorn can be the best snack while watching a movie or match. However, popcorn is sticky and gets stuck in your teeth. They can only be removed with a dental floss.



Oregano, red chilli flakes are the worst spices for teeth., they stick in between the teeth and looks ugly too! After having Italian dishes, make sure you use a tooth pick and brush before going to bed. Cheese and spices can get stuck in your teeth and build bacteria.



Our staple breakfast has fibre but is sticky for the teeth. It is too dry and gets stuck in the gums. It also leads to mouth odour. Butter on the other hand also damages your teeth.



We love to hog on Chinese cuisine any time of the day. Did you know these noodles can stick in between your teeth and build bacteria?



Non-vegetarians cannot live without having meat once a day! The small fibre and tissues of meat can get stuck in between the teeth and irritate you. Make sure you use a dental floss after having meat.

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