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Avoid These Fattening Summer Foods

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Fattening Summer Foods
Summers, the season to enjoy barbeques, pool parties and get together. A season to have fried foods and chilled soft drinks. You can have summer foods like a glutton but make sure they are healthy and doesn't add to your weight. Yes! There are few fattening summer foods that can add extra pounds to your weight. If you are figure conscious, avoid these fattening summer foods.

Ice cream: Want to beat the heat by having ice creams? Well think again! You can gain weight if you are planning to have ice creams regularly. If you still want to have this chilled dessert, avoid adding toppings and extra cream to your ice cream and stick to one scoop of ice cream. Ice cream has calories and fat that deposits in the body.

Snacks: Be it a sweet or a salty snack, either is a fattening food. During summers, you always feel like having fried foods and barbeque. If you have not fried these snacks in low-calorie oil, you gain weight very easily. Fried chicken or french fries, any snack can be harmful for a dieter as they are high in cholesterol and calories. These snacks are not only fattening but also harmful for your heart. If you are planning a summer barbeque party, opt for grilled snacks instead of fried foods.

Soft drinks: This is not exactly food in terms of nutrition value, but these chilled beverages can also pile weight. Be it a diet drink, cocktail, smoothies or a sherbet, artificial sweeteners and calories aid weight gain. Instead of having soft drinks, include fresh fruit juices which are healthy and beneficial for the body.

Chocolates: Desserts are an all time favourite. Be it summer, monsoon or winter, in every season, you have varieties of desserts. If you love having cold chocolates then mind it! Chocolates help in weight loss but not all types of chocolates are good for the body. Also, excess consumption of chocolates will surely add on weight.

Coconut: Coconut water is beneficial for the body but raw coconut can be harmful for strict diet followers. Dishes made with coconut have natural oil, saturated fats and calories that are fattening. In summer, you can have coconut water but avoid dishes made with coconut or the creamy layer of tender coconut.

Toppings: If you love to top your smoothies, salad or a dessert with cheese or cream, you should stop it now. Summer foods can be best utilised by having them without toppings.

Mangoes: Well mangoes are healthy for the body and few types of mangoes such as the African mango aids weight loss. But, if you have artificial dishes made with mangoes such as mango smoothie or drink, you can gain weight. Artificial sweeteners increases body weight.

Avoid these fattening foods this summer. Do you agree?

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Story first published: Friday, May 4, 2012, 14:11 [IST]
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