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Cookies Are Healthy: Cookie Month Spcl

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October is also known as the Cookie Month. Cookies and biscuits are a healthy evening snack that can be munched with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Even kids love to eat cookies and dip them in their glass of hot milk. However, if you pick up the right cookies, you can enjoy its several health benefits. Can't believe that cookies have health benefits? Here are the right reasons to include cookies in your diet and enjoy this month of cookies.

Health benefits of cookies:

Cookies Are Healthy: Cookie Month Spcl

Whole grains: If you consume cookies that are made with whole grains, they can be good for your body. Cookies that are made with whole grains like whole wheat or oats can be really healthy. They are rich in fibre and antioxidants that is good for the body. So, you can include whole grain biscuits and cookies without worrying much about your digestion and weight gain.

Easy to digest: As whole grains biscuits are made with healthy grains, they are rich in fibre. Thus they get digested easily and do not deposit as fat in the body. If you suffer from poor digestion due to munching unhealthy snacks, just eat these whole grain cookies to improve digestion and bowel movements. Buy digestive biscuits and cookies to enjoy its benefits.

Low in fat: Soluble fibres and whole grains make cookies a low fat and low calorie snack. If prepared with less butter, cookies can have many health benefits. Avoid having cookies that are made with artificial sweeteners and flavours. They are high in sugar content and can increase your blood sugar and pressure levels in the body.

Aids weight loss: Many people hog on unhealthy snacks like chaats and fried food but do not think about the side effects it will have on your body weight. So, opt for low calories biscuits that aids weight loss. You can easily find diet-free or low-fat biscuits in stores. They are also tasty and healthy. So, dip them in your coffee or tea.

These are few health benefits of cookies. You can opt for the healthy and nutritious oatmeal biscuit or other whole grain biscuits that are made with rice or whole wheat. Prepare cookies at home using less or low fat butter. Avoid adding artificial sweeteners. You can add toppings of freshly cut fruits, chocolate chips or yoghurt.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 10, 2012, 18:14 [IST]
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