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Cold Shower
How many of you take regular cold showers? For those from colder climates a chill runs down the spine at the very thought of it. But very few are aware of the health benefits of a cold shower. Hydrotherapy was very popular in earlier days until doctors became more dependent on medicines to cure diseases. Even Charles Darwin propagated cold water therapy. It is now used for spa treatments across the globe.

A regular cold water shower can cure many ailments by increasing blood flow and boosting our immune system. A vast number of people prefer cold showers over a luxurious hot bath as it gives relief from stress and depression. Its time to unlock the mysteries behind cold shower benefits.

Improves Blood Circulation- The first benefit of a cold shower is that it improves our blood circulation. It causes blood to rush to the skin and hence triggers blood circulation which is very important for a good cardiovascular health. A shower with cold water stimulates the circulatory system making you look young and fresh.

Relieves Depression And Stress- As proved by the research at the Department of Radiation Oncology at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, a cold water shower stimulates the brain's blue spot, which is the prime source of noadrenaline. Noadrenaline is a chemical that helps mitigate depression in humans. So get a cold shower whenever stressed or depressed and get relieved from it without paying for the medicines to cure it.

Boosts Immunity- Researches prove that a regular hydrotherapy with cold water has seen a significant increase in the number of disease fighting White Blood Cells (WBC) in our body. Such water therapy boosts our immune system by increasing the metabolic rate which in turn leads to an increased production of WBC in our body.

Keeps Skin And Hair Healthy- Cold water detoxifies harmful chemicals out of our skin. It is a well known fact that hot water opens up cuticles and pores while cold water does just the opposite. If our cuticles and pores are closed then there is almost no dirt accumulation in them. It thus makes our skin cleaner and pimple free. A cold water hair bath does not only make our hair look more shiny but also prevents hair fall and dandruff as it closes up the cuticles in our scalp.

Improves Fertility- A regular shower with cold water helps in regulating the endocrine system and promotes hormone secretion. A hot water shower increases the temperature of the testes which leads to a decrease in the sperm count. Hence men should never go for hot shower continuously for a few days. It can serve as an effective contraceptive method for them.

A cold water therapy is invigorating and energizing. It refreshes both our body and soul. You should definitely go for exploring the benefits of a cold shower.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 12, 2012, 17:18 [IST]
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