Did You Suffer From A Blackout This Morning? Find Out Why

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Did you wake up in the morning with a blank mind and face temporary amnesia about the previous night?

It means that you had a blackout; you passed out or fainted from which you moved into a deep slumber that made you forget everything.

Now, it is a scary proposition to wake up in a strange place and not know what exactly happened, isn't it? However, it is a perfectly natural phenomenon with an accurate scientific explanation.

To define a blackout in simple terms, it is the temporary loss of consciousness when there is a decreased blood flow to the brain.

blacked out

There are several reasons that can cause a blackout. Working too much, exhaustion or it could also be due to certain underlying medical conditions like low blood pressure or low blood sugar. Meanwhile, also learn about the medical reasons for a blackout.

Knowing the cause of the blackout is important. Following which one needs to go for the correction method immediately. If left unattended it can lead to serious other health conditions and might turn fatal as well.

Here are some of the reasons for which you might have had a blackout and faced temporary amnesia.


1. Blackout Caused By Alcohol:

The most obvious reason to have temporary amnesia is that you had too much to drink. When we say someone has passed out or had a blackout due to alcohol it basically means that they have slept and won't wake up for sometime now.

Typically you puke, lose energy and then sleep out of sheer exertion. You wake up only when you regain your strength.


2. Low Blood Pressure:

The most natural cause for losing consciousness is a sudden drop in your blood pressure. If you have been fasting or have a tendency of suffering from low blood pressure then it is perfectly plausible that you passed out due to fluctuating blood pressure.


3. Low Blood Sugar:

If the glucose level in your body falls due to any reason then it can cause total blackout. Typically, you start feeling a chill and then everything darkens in front of your eyes.

This is a dangerous condition as it occurs due to cutting off of the sugar supplies to the brain. If you are driving or crossing the road at this time it can lead to accidents. If you have prior knowledge of your condition, then carry sugar cubes in your bag.


4. Stress:

It might seem like an over statement but stress is one of the leading causes of people swooning. Stress hormones can play havoc in your system if they go out of control. It is common for brides to faint and it is because of stress. Also, stress affects women more than men at least hormonally.


5. Wearing Tight Clothes:

You have read in novels that Victorian ladies were famous for fainting at the drop of a hat. It is because they wore corsets that suffocated them and cut off the oxygen supply to their brain. Wearing uncomfortably tight clothes can still do that to you.

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