5 Most Popular Myths About Alcohol

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Many people are victims of some popular alcohol myths. There are actually some preconceptions about drinking alcohol. Whether it is good or bad, can women and men drink the same beverage etc are common questions that block our minds. Here are few of the most popular myths about alcohol and the truth about them. Go through them and find if alcohol is bad for you or good.

Alcohol Myths

Myth 1: Both men and women can drink the same alcohol

Truth: Well, the fact is that both men and women cannot drink the same amount of any alcolohlic beverage. Alcohol affects the health of both genders in different ways. Men have more tolerance to alcohol than women. So, if men and women drink the same amount of alcohol, the former is likely to fall sick first.

Myth 2: Alcohol Destroys Brain Cells

Truth: Another popular alcohol myth is that it destroys the brain cells in the human body. But, recent researches on alcohol tell quite the opposite. It shows that if you drink a glass of red wine or beer once in a week or 4-5 days gap, then that is extremely good for your health. They are rich in antioxidants and will keep your heart healthy.

Myth 3: Alcohol Makes You Fat

Truth: The myth that alcohol makes you fat is one that makes people too wary of it. There is common misconception that alcohol has many bad affects on health as it makes you fat. But, this is completely wrong as research shows that it has no fattening affects on men. In fact with women also the results are quite the opposite. Drinks like red wine or vodka can make you lose weight if consumed in less amounts.

Myth 4: Alcohol Tolerance

Fact: One of the most common alcohol myths is that people can drink more because they have tolerance to it. Well this is nothing but a practice that you are used to. And at the same time you can at any point of time also develop its intolerance. And alcohol is real bad for your health. You may have a headache and vomitting syndrome if you consume too much of it.

Myth 5: Worm in tequila

Truth: Some people believe that tequila is bad for health, because the bottle contains a worm inside it that might cause several health problems. This is a complete wrong notion as only a few companies do so and it is a premium drink. So, why not just check the bottle before buying a drink and get rid of all prejudices.

These are all some of the most popular myths about alcohol that has been busted. If any other are known to you, do share with us.

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Story first published: Friday, September 21, 2012, 16:06 [IST]
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